Petrobras: studies carried out confirm that there is no return of oil to the coast of Brazil in the Foz do Amazonas region

Petrobras: studies carried out confirm that there is no return of oil to the coast of Brazil in the Foz do Amazonas region
Petrobras: studies carried out confirm that there is no return of oil to the coast of Brazil in the Foz do Amazonas region

Studies carried out by the scientific community in the Foz do Amazonas basin, on the Brazilian Equatorial Margin, demonstrated that sea currents went in the opposite direction to the Brazilian coast, confirming the studies and modeling carried out by Petrobras and already approved by Ibama in the block’s environmental licensing process. FZA-M59, informed the oil company last Thursday, 28th. The environmental license to explore the area, however, has not yet been granted.

The company reported that scientists have already launched more than 428 drifters (equipment that measures the behavior of sea currents) on the Equatorial Margin, 84 of which are in the Foz do Amazonas basin. Recently, the Ecological Characterization of Reef Systems of the Foz do Amazonas Basin project was started, which will generate new information.

“Research is being carried out through scientific expeditions aboard the ship Vital de Oliveira, within the scope of existing cooperation between Petrobras, the Brazilian Navy, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and the Brazilian Geological Service (SGB)”, said Petrobras in a note.

A second oceanographic expedition is scheduled for the second half of this year, continuing and deepening scientific research. In June 2023, an oceanographic cruise was carried out in Amapá, with the objective of identifying the occurrence of reef environments, which included detailed mapping of the seabed and the collection of samples to study the biological and geological composition of the bottom.

“The preliminary results are being published in a specialized magazine for dissemination to the scientific community”, informed Petrobras without giving details.

The expeditions involve the participation of 29 researchers, from nine institutions, in addition to the Brazilian Geological Survey (SGB) and the Brazilian Navy, and total investments of R$350 million from 2021 to 2028.

Petrobras (BOV:PETR3) (BOV:PETR4) reiterated that it does not intend to drill in coastal regions or close to sensitive areas. On the Equatorial Margin, the blocks are located far from the coast, in deep and ultra-deep waters. In the case of Block FZA-M59, the drilling of an exploratory well must occur at a distance of 160 kilometers from the coast and more than 500 kilometers northwest of the mouth of the Amazon River.

The state-owned company highlighted that it has been operating in the Amazon region without environmental disasters since the 1950s, when it began drilling the first wells in the terrestrial sedimentary basins of Amazonas and Solimões. In the 1970s, the first drillings were carried out in shallow waters in the Foz do Amazonas Basin.

“In this location, more than 70 wells were drilled by Petrobras. In addition, we have been drilling wells and producing oil and gas at the Urucu Pole, in the Amazon Forest, since 1988”, informed the state-owned company. “All of these operations were and are carried out with complete safety and responsibility, in a sustainable manner and without harm to the environment,” he stated.

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