Abrasel and SEBRAE RJ promote meeting of sector leaders

Abrasel and SEBRAE RJ promote meeting of sector leaders
Abrasel and SEBRAE RJ promote meeting of sector leaders

Rio de Janeiro, 4/1/2024

2023 edition of Abrasel RJ Associates Meeting

The Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants in RJ (Abrasel RJ) will hold the first edition of 2024 of the Abrasel RJ Associates Meeting, tomorrow, April 2nd, from 9am to 5pm, at SEBRAE RJ, Av. Mal. Câmara, 171, no heart of Rio de Janeiro. The annual event represents a vital opportunity for the bar and restaurant sector, recognized as the largest employer in the state of Rio de Janeiro, bringing together businesspeople and experts for a day of strategic content, exchange of experiences and networking.

With the hospitality industry acting as an essential economic pillar in Rio de Janeiro, generating jobs and promoting local tourism, the 2024 edition of the Abrasel RJ Associates Meeting aims to address challenges, present innovative solutions and discuss strategies for growth sustainability of the sector.

This year’s programming features prominent industry figures, offering participants a rich variety of perspectives and practical insights:

· Pedro Hermeto, president of Abrasel RJ

· Marcelo Marani, Restaurant Owners Portal.

· Jean Richon, marketing consultant specializing in customer loyalty

· Rodrigo Rezende, Tropical Delirium

· Paulo Pacheco, Grand Cru

· Bruno Simões, O Camarão Restaurant

· Roberto Maciel, Restaurante Páreo

· João Diniz, Bla Bla Champanheria

· Rebeca Castro and Natashe Caruso, both from Sebrae RJ, marking the important collaboration between Abrasel RJ and Sebrae RJ for the development of the sector.

Focus on economic development and job creation

Considering the sector’s significant contribution to RJ’s economy and job creation, the meeting aims to highlight growth opportunities, innovations and challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Through the event, Abrasel RJ seeks to promote initiatives that support the expansion of the sector, the improvement of business management and the sustainability of operations.

Networking and sector support opportunities:

In addition to the lectures, the event will facilitate networking between participants, offering an excellent opportunity to establish new partnerships and meet suppliers and supporters who will present their latest solutions and services aimed at improving business in the bar and restaurant sector. The event is supported by REC LAB Marketing, Wings Company, King Higiene, Thiluc, Jotajá, Magno Russo, Tyr Energia, Switch Sales, Ativo Advisory, Nola, MDR Logística, Riex Equipamentos Contra Incêndio and FM&Kitchens.

Spaces for the Abrasel RJ 2024 Associates Meeting are limited, emphasizing the importance of prior registration. Interested parties must ensure their participation by accessing the link.

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