Group of women created fake profile to arrest ‘fraudster Don Juan’, who extorted R$1.8 million


Caio Henrique da Silva Camossato

Photo: Reproduction/Fantastic

Not even exposure on national television stopped Caio Henrique Comossato, known as ‘Don Juan embezzler’, from taking money from women through ’emotional embezzlement’. In a report shown by Fantastic This Sunday, the 31st, the victims showed how they organized for the criminal to be arrested by the Civil Police in Rio de Janeiro.

Caio Henrique was exposed on TV Globo’s Sunday show in July 2023, however, he continued to take money from women he had relationships with on social media. Currently, the Civil Police estimates that his debts to the victims already reach R$1.8 million.

One of the victims, identified as Tayara Banharo, said that after seeing the report that exposed Caio Henrique’s crimes, she decided to look for other women who were targeted by the swindler. Since then, they formed a group to monitor the boy’s activities.

Caio Henrique spent a period without exhibiting, after the report was shown, but returned to the web some time later. To his victims, he presented himself as a well-off person, but with financial problems, and appealed to women’s feelings to ask for money. From one of the victims, he took R$500,000.

On March 22, after creating a fake profile on social media, Tayara worked with the Civil Police to have Caio Henrique arrested. With the arrest warrant issued by the Court, the victim arranged a meeting with the swindler at a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. There, Caio came across investigators.

According to Civil Police Chief Fábio Souza, the penalty for Caio’s crimes can reach five years in prison. However, the sentence may increase if new victims file a complaint against the swindler.

“The investigation showed that he was a persistent criminal, and he continued talking to other alleged victims. His arrest was essential so that other victims would not fall for his scam”, stated the police chief, who continued: “The moment he is released , he’ll do it again, because that’s what he lives for.”

In a statement, Caio Henrique’s defense stated that he has been ‘the victim of several unfounded accusations’ and that ‘everything that has been investigated is a civil offense, mere non-compliance with what was agreed between the parties’.

Millionaire scams

In the application profiles, the criminal said he was from Rio, he stated that he was up to date with his therapy, that he was extremely happy and a skydiver for love. When they started dating, he already said he was in love and paid all the bills when they went out.

“He made a huge procession. He took him to restaurants, went into places where he knew everyone,” said lawyer Talita Silva, one of the victims. Another woman, who did not want to be identified, said that she even met his family.

“He took me to meet his grandparents. Afterwards, he took me to meet his children. He built trust until he said he needed a certain amount of money… As you are part of the family, you believe that story It was real,” he recalled.

According to them, initially this was the strategy used to establish trust and, later, he started asking for money. “He said that he needed to pay a fine from Ibama at his farm, in Goiânia. And as his account was blocked, he was unable to make the transfer”, reported Talita.

She also said that, when she tried to get out of that situation, Caio changed with her. That’s when she started investigating and discovered his real surname, that he was from São Paulo and that other women were also scammed by him. Some victims even took out loans to give the money to Caio.

Talita said that, while talking to other victims, Caio discovered everything and returned the R$47,000 he took from her. The other victims, however, did not get the amount back.

“I felt very bad, I was very sad. There is no way for you to guess or identify that you are in a trap”, said another victim. This same woman also stated that she was the victim of moral and physical aggression.

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