“The Prophet”, in a very short season, at the Clara Nunes theater

“The Prophet”, in a very short season, at the Clara Nunes theater
“The Prophet”, in a very short season, at the Clara Nunes theater

Acclaimed by critics in the cities it visited, the show “O Profeta” returns to Rio de Janeiro, in a very short season, at the Clara Nunes theater. The text of the play, by philosopher Lúcia Helena Galvão, inspired by the work of Khalil Gibran and directed by Luiz Antônio Rocha, presents reflections on human existence between birth and death.

The book “The Prophet”, by Khalil Gibran, turned 100 years old in 2023 and has already been translated into more than 100 languages. Moving through themes such as love, children, work, joy, sadness and death, among others, the message continues to touch hearts throughout man’s turbulent and uncertain journey through life. The piece brings the strength of its parables permeated by a live soundtrack, based on research into classical and folk Arabic music.

This montage repeats the partnership between the director and the author that began in “Helena Blavatsky, the voice of silence”. Luiz Antônio, nominated for the Shell Prize in 2019 for his production of “Paulo Freire, The Wanderer of Utopia”, says that The Prophet is a piece of rare beauty: “The strength of its parables, the poetic musicality and the depth of its concepts are a balm these days. Love is the guiding thread of the story and makes us rediscover the role of the heart.”

Lúcia Helena Galvão reports that she wanted to pay homage to Khalil Gibran and chose “The Prophet” because it was her masterpiece. “The Prophet is rooted in the author’s own experience as an immigrant and serves as inspiration for anyone who feels adrift in a world in flux. Khalil Gibran’s life and thoughts are intertwined with our lives and make up an important part of who we are”, says the author.

In the title role is Lebanese musician and singer Sami Bordokan, who is a researcher of classical and folk Arabic music and has a unique style of playing the lute and singing. On stage, Sami is accompanied by his brother William Bordokan who presents a variety of sounds and rhythms, using ancestral instruments such as the lute, the nay flute, the rabab and the derbak. The two are responsible for the musical direction of the show.

In twelve poetic essays, the story challenges emptiness and reveals the beauty of life in profound questions addressed with the tenderness and wisdom that comes from the East. In an atmosphere of rapture and enchantment, the piece is an invitation to be worthy of life and to live at the level of what is highest in us.

SYNOPSIS – The prophet All Mustafa is about to board a ship to return to his homeland after a cycle of twelve years of exile in the city of Orphhalese. On the day of departure, before the imminent arrival of his ship, the inhabitants of the small town ask him to speak to them about the fundamental questions of the human condition. And so, the prophet responds with reflections that, in their apparent simplicity, reveal a deep understanding of life and the process of existing.

Play: The Prophet
Season: From April 5th to 7th, Friday and Saturday at 8:30 pm and Sunday at 7 pm
Location: Clara Nunes Theater (Rua Marquês de São Vicente,52-Gavea
Shopping da Gávea.)
Tickets at https://bileto.sympla.com.br
Duration: 80 minutes
Genre: Philosophical musical
Indicative Rating: Free

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