Salvador Convention Center: plural and versatile like Bahia



Plural and versatile like Bahia, the Salvador Convention Center (CCS) has a modern infrastructure that makes it possible to hold different formats of events, in addition to having a unique and privileged location in the city of Salvador.

Far beyond a space for events, the versatility of the CCS is a major differentiator, a strategy that has gained prominence in marketing in its promotional activities.

Modular partitions in the pavilions, mezzanine and boxes optimize the areas and allow the organizer to personalize their event, bringing an exclusive experience to their client.


At CCS, all segments meet and it is possible to add Bahianness, safety, comfort and gastronomy to events, with the support of a specialized team that works with consultative service, going beyond expectations.

Congresses, fairs, shows, corporate, sporting, religious and social events are part of our portfolio and we have built loyalty on this portfolio with marketing actions increasingly linked to the experience and personalization of the customer journey.

The CCS EXPERIENCE project aims to offer experiences, convenience and comfort to events. A menu of experiences with service options operated by local partners that make life easier for organizers and add value to the event experience.

This is yet another tool that CCS uses to personalize events and create memorable experiences.

CCS has valued various environmental, social and governance (ESG) actions, aware of the need and importance of these practices for sustainability and social impact.

As a highlight, it is worth mentioning the exchange of all our F&B Operator’s packaging for biodegradable materials, the removal of the use of plastic in the restaurant’s water packaging and the implementation of CCS Collab, a collaborative store, with local products for the congressman to take a little bit of Bahia with you, curated by renowned chef Tereza Paim.

With a bold and versatile architecture, built in front of the Salvador sea, which makes the participant live a unique and different experience, the CCS has hosted several meetings over the last four years that reinforce its versatility.

It was transformed into a large sports arena, with the installation of five beach volleyball courts for the Tamo Junto Nesse Game Festival, by Banco do Brasil, and received an exclusive off-road track for test drives for Jeep lovers, an activity that was repeated this year with the Hilux Toyota Experience Day, in February.

The CCS was highlighted by hosting, in 2023, the National Congress of the Public Ministry and the 9th Congress of the State Council of Municipal Health Secretaries of Bahia, bringing together an audience of 8 thousand participants.

In 2022 it hosted the Bahia Book Biennial, with the participation of 90 thousand people and expectations of surpassing this number in the 2024 edition, scheduled to take place between April 26th and May 1st.

It also hosted important fairs, such as Constru Nordeste and Super Bahia, which brought together a total of 60 thousand people.

The CCS was also the scene of great emotions, with the performance of renowned artists, such as Beyoncé, Maria Bethânia, Ivete Sangalo, Anitta, Alok, Sandy, Alceu Valença, Thiaguinho, Carlinhos Brow and others.

Thinking about versatility and experience, come to the Salvador Convention Center, Plural and Versatile like Bahia.

*Alan Lobo is Marketing Coordinator at the Salvador Convention Center


The article is in Portuguese

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