What do the accusations against the former head of Procon-SC say

What do the accusations against the former head of Procon-SC say
What do the accusations against the former head of Procon-SC say

Accused of sexual and moral harassment, former deputy Roberto Salum could not resist the pressure and was dismissed from the leadership of Procon-SC in the middle of the Easter holiday. The first complaint, investigated by the Civil Police, came to light on Thursday (28), which made Governor Jorginho Mello (PL) adopt the measure against the ally. Salum’s defense says he has “unblemished conduct”.

Former director of Procon-SC, Roberto Salum – Photo: Alesc/Divulgação/Arquivo/ND

See what is known about the allegations against the former director of Procon-SC

How the case reached the Civil Police

The case reached the Civil Police on Wednesday (27). The complaint was registered at Dpcami (Department for the Protection of Children, Adolescents, Women and the Elderly) in Florianópolis, which opened an investigation. The allegations were detailed by journalist Diogo de Souza, from the column Good morningof ND More.

The victim is an employee of an outsourced company that provides services to Procon in Santa Catarina.

The 30-year-old woman registered a Police Report in which she accuses Salum, her superior, of insisting that they go to the Administrative Center, the government headquarters, by hitchhiking.

The woman also admitted that she accepted due to the insistence of the accused. Finding the route chosen by the accused strange, the server asked and heard that he needed to go home, in Palhoça.

It was there that the “boss” asked for a kiss and, when she refused, grabbed her and forcibly kissed her.

Employee revolt and new reports

The episode involving the employee who had been in the position for 15 days angered co-workers and caused great discomfort behind the scenes at the Administrative Center.

In addition to the sexual harassment complaint, the column Good morning had access to at least 15 reports delivered to the ombudsman’s office that accuse the same individual of conduct such as abuse of authority, moral harassment, as well as different episodes of disrespect.

The documents were registered with the Secretariat of Industry, Commerce and Services, of which Procon is part.

‘Humiliation’ and ‘fear’ due to carrying a firearm

In most of the referrals sent to the State Ombudsman’s Office the content is similar: abuse of power by the same individual.

Words like “disrespect”, “humiliation” and “persecution” are also frequently used.

Other reports highlight the “fear” of employees who insist on intimidation. Some reports reveal that the accused carries – and displays – a firearm.

The case came to the attention of the Civil Police, which must open another procedure to investigate the cases.

Another complaint of sexual harassment

The information about a new victim of sexual harassment was confirmed by delegate Michele Alves Correa Rebelo, director of the Civil Police of Greater Florianópolis, in an interview with Grupo ND, on Friday (29).

According to the delegate, Dpcami received a new complaint involving an alleged crime of sexual harassment committed by Roberto Salum.

The first victim has already been formally interviewed and, this Monday (1st), the second victim will be questioned by the Civil Police. The accused, however, has not yet been heard.

Removal and subsequent dismissal

With the “explosion” of the complaint on Thursday, the Santa Catarina government leadership debated the issue throughout the morning of the Friday holiday, until officially announcing Roberto Salum’s removal from office.

Upon becoming aware of a complaint whose content refers to the lack of decorum in the exercise of his role by the then director of Procon-SC, he ordered the immediate removal of the employee and the rapid investigation of the facts. The State government does not agree to acts that violate morals and good customs.

The dismissal was formalized on Saturday (30) via the Official State Gazette.

Tension and ‘party’ at Procon-SC due to dismissal

The atmosphere among Procon-SC employees, since the accusation against Roberto Salum broke out, is one of “party”. WhatsApp groups were busy, basically, due to the feeling of “relief” with the departure of the then director from the role.

Reports in which the ND Group had access to account for the atmosphere of tension that hovered over the organ. Appointed at the beginning of February, Roberto Salum was reported via the ombudsman before even completing a month as director of Procon-SC, on the 28th.

What Salum, former director Procon-SC says

A note signed by lawyer Gastão da Rosa Filho mentions Roberto Salum’s history and speaks of “unblemished conduct” in which “he has never been sued for corruption, much less for conduct similar to that for which he is being accused”.

The note reveals that the lawyer “promptly” tried to “communicate to the delegate handling the case” and that the accused is “available to provide clarifications as soon as possible”.

A press conference is scheduled for Tuesday (2) to detail Salum’s defense.

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