With Comercial on the list, MS champions seek return to the elite in 2024 – Sports

With Comercial on the list, MS champions seek return to the elite in 2024 – Sports
With Comercial on the list, MS champions seek return to the elite in 2024 – Sports

Competition starts in August and identifies the teams that will occupy the places of Náutico and Novo in the first division

Comercial player carrying the ball in the 2023 State Championship game at the Jacques da Luz Stadium (Photo: @eduardofotoms)

While Series A of the Sul-Mato-Grossense Championship is close to its conclusion, the FFMS (Mato Grosso do Sul Football Federation) and the clubs are already preparing for the Series B dispute. With the end of the main season scheduled for On April 21st, eyes turn to the teams that will battle for the chance to ascend to the first division in 2025, replacing the relegated Náutico and Novo.

The vice-president of the Federation and competition coordinator, Marco Tavares, is in charge of preparations for Series B. He plans to bring together the managers of the teams interested in the competition shortly after the conclusion of Series A, in the last week of April.

At this meeting, details about the necessary documentation will be discussed, including the reports required for the release of the stadiums, an aspect that underwent significant changes in the previous year.

According to the Federation’s schedule, the kickoff of Series B is scheduled for August 10th, with an end scheduled for October 12th. Before that, in June, a meeting of the Arbitration Council is scheduled to define the format of the dispute, the rules and the competition table.

Among the clubs that aim to return to the elite of Mato Grosso do Sul football, there are some with a history of achievements. Names such as Comercial, Águia Negra, Naviraiense and Sete de Setembro appear on the list of participants in the second division. In addition to them, there is an expectation for the return of teams such as União ABC, São Gabriel EC, Maracaju, and URSO, from Mundo Novo.

Comercial stands out, with nine Mato Grosso titles and one victory in the Mato Grosso Championship. Águia Negra, in turn, boasts four titles, including a recent two-time championship. Naviraiense and Sete de Setembro also have their cups, reinforcing the competitiveness of Series B.

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