Wife tells how she killed man hiding in freezer

Educator Claudia Fernanda Tavares Hoeckler, 40, was temporarily arrested on Monday (21/11), suspected of killing her husband and hiding the body inside a freezer at home in Lacerdópolis (SC). To the delegate responsible for the case, Gilmar Antônio Bonamigo, she detailed how she carried out the brutal crime, allegedly motivated by domestic violence.

Her husband, driver Valdemir Hoeckler, 52, was murdered on November 14th. It was only last Saturday (19/11), five days after the crime, that he was found.

Bonamigo told UOL that preparations for the murder began around 11 pm on the 14th. Claudia said that she had given three sleep-inducing pills to Gilmar, who became drugged and fell asleep.

After her husband fell asleep, Claudia tied his hands and feet with ropes. “She handled dairy cattle. So she knew how to pin cows. She tied him up because she knew that if she couldn’t, he could react and she would be killed”, reported the delegate.


Cláudia, woman who was arrested for killing her husband and hiding his body in the freezerreproduction


Valdemir Hoeckler, 52, was drugged and asphyxiatedReproduction/Social networks

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Man in Santa Catarina was murdered by his wife. The body was hidden in the freezer. In the photo, the couple smiles for the photo - Metrópolescouple santa catarina murder

Claudia and Valdemir were together for 22 years. The couple have a daughter the same age.Reproduction/Networks



The woman wrapped a tire tube around Valdemir’s neck, then asphyxiated him with a plastic bag. He even reacted, but his wife managed to suffocate him by pressing his mouth. “He broke free. But she managed to hold it with one hand. And, with the other, she pressed to his mouth. In a short time, he lost consciousness and died “, narrated the delegate.


After the execution of the crime, she decided to hide the body inside the freezer. “She didn’t know what to do with the body and made the decision to put it in the freezer”, said Bonamigo, according to Claudia’s account.

She reported difficulty taking the body to the freezer, and needed the help of a chair to do so. It was with the object that Claudia managed to drag her husband to the location.

“After that, she did what she was supposed to do, as if she was going to carry on with her normal life. And she left for the meeting she was going to have with the teachers, “continued the delegate.

Domestic violence

Claudia Hoeckler surrendered to the police on Monday (11/21). A day earlier, she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence and that she felt a “sense of freedom” after the murder.

“I feel that my daughter is safer. There will be no one stopping us from seeing each other. I know I’m going to stop being beaten, I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s a freedom”, he told Beto Ribeiro, on YouTube.

According to the author of the crime, Valdemir assaulted and threatened her, even threatening her with death. In 2019, Claudia asked for a protective measure against her husband.

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