Homeless man is shot five times while defending elderly man in MG

A homeless man was shot five times while trying to defend an elderly man, who was being beaten by a 23-year-old boy, in the center of Governador Valadares (MG), on Tuesday night (20). The first victim, who works as a taxi driver, reportedly got out of the car after the suspect hit the vehicle, at which point he became the target of the attack.

Upon seeing the scene, the second victim, aged 35, who attends a traffic light in the region juggling, decided to intervene, getting into a physical fight with the suspect, who left the scene shortly after the fight. But the homeless man was surprised moments later, when the boy returned to the scene armed, shooting him five times.

The gunman fled the scene of the crime down an alley, according to InterTV dos Vales, a TV Globo affiliate in the region.

The homeless man was taken to the Municipal Hospital of Governador Valadares with injuries to his chest and both legs. The health status was not disclosed by the unit.
In a statement on local TV shortly after the crime, the taxi driver said he knew the shooter, but did not give further details about the suspect’s behavior.

“At first, he arrived hitting the taxi seat with a stick and I got out of the car. When I got out, he asked: ‘What’s wrong?’ my arms. The other boy, who juggles, took my pain and started to fight with him. Soon after he came back and shot the boy”, detailed the man, who preferred not to be identified.

In a note to the report, the Civil Police of Minas Gerais reported that the suspect of the attacks was not located until early this afternoon, and that “the author, motivation and circumstances of the crime will be investigated by the Civil Police Station of the municipality”. (Folhapress)

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