April Fools’ Day: check out 5 myths about healthy eating

April Fools’ Day: check out 5 myths about healthy eating
April Fools’ Day: check out 5 myths about healthy eating

April 1st is known worldwide as April Fools’ Day and, despite the joke, there really are many myths about healthy eating and certain types of food, with miracle diets and misleading news about certain food groups.

On the website CidadeVerde.com, nutritionist Adriana Zanardo told the main myths about food, check it out:

1 – Are carbohydrates villains in our diet?

One of the biggest myths is that carbohydrates are bad for you in your diet. In fact, they are essential energy nutrients for the body and, without them, many metabolic disorders can occur.

2 – Is milk bad?

Another food myth, milk is not bad for your health. What happens is that the product currently found in supermarkets contains a multitude of artificial components for conservation and excess consumption can be harmful.

3 – Is there any food that helps you lose weight?

No single food is capable of helping you lose weight. The set of foods and daily choices are what make people achieve the desired result.

4 – Is gluten the health villain?

Despite being considered one of the health villains, gluten should only be excluded from the diet of people with gastrointestinal intolerances and diagnosed with celiac disease. For people who tolerate its consumption well, it should not be left aside.

5 – Are all fats bad?

Not all fats are bad for the body. The unsaturated fats (poly and mono) present in seeds such as flaxseed, as well as fruits and olive oil are essential for the balance and regulation of the body.

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