Anderson do Molejo had a ‘moment of lucidity’ during hospitalization, says friend

Anderson do Molejo had a ‘moment of lucidity’ during hospitalization, says friend
Anderson do Molejo had a ‘moment of lucidity’ during hospitalization, says friend

Anderson Leonardo, lead singer of the group Molejo, has remained hospitalized in a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro for a week. The group’s members gave more details about the artist’s health status, who is undergoing treatment for inguinal cancer, a rare type of disease.

Andrezinho, who makes up Molejo alongside Robson Calazans, Lúcio Nascimento, Jimmy Batera, Claumirzinho and Anderson spoke in an interview with “Domingo Espetacular”, a Record program. “He woke up and sang. In a moment of lucidity, he wanted to play. He said: ‘Take my chip’”, said the musician.

During the program, Anderson Leonardo received tributes from colleagues in the music world, such as singer Ferrugem and childhood friend, Xande de Pilares. The artist has also been referenced in other programs, such as TV Globo’s “Encontro”, which featured Molejo.

The pagode group led by Anderson has maintained its concert schedule since Anderson’s two hospitalizations. Even weakened by the condition of their friend and bandmate, they try to maintain positive energy on stage and, daily, they hold prayer chains in the name of the vocalist.

Anderson do Molejo’s health

Anderson Leonardo treats a inguinal cancer and was hospitalized on February 27th at a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro, where he underwent immunotherapy. On March 13th, the Molejo singer went through a procedure to reduce pain.

A Itatiaia, the singer’s office reported that he underwent the hypogastric nerve plexus block procedure for pain, that is, an effective alternative in the treatment of various painful conditions. The musician’s type of cancer reaches the groin region, where the end of the belly meets the beginning of the thigh.

On March 19, the artist was discharged after 21 days in hospital. After leaving the place, he recorded in the studio and appeared happily in videos on social media. However, on Sunday (24), five days after his medical discharge, he was taken to the hospital again. According to the artist’s advisor, Anderson needs “prayers”.

You bandmates had already spoken about Anderson’s situation. Claumirzinho denied that Anderson was in a very serious condition and Jimmy Batera also spoke out. “He remains firm in the hospital, the doctors follow protocolswe continue in prayers”, he commented.

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