‘Mercenary, viper’, ‘Does he think I killed his mother’: understand fight between Gal Costa’s son and widow

‘Mercenary, viper’, ‘Does he think I killed his mother’: understand fight between Gal Costa’s son and widow
‘Mercenary, viper’, ‘Does he think I killed his mother’: understand fight between Gal Costa’s son and widow

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Gabriel Costathe son of Gal CostaIt is Wilma Petrillo, alleged widow of the singer, have been fighting a legal battle since 2022, after the artist’s death. This Sunday, the 31st, the two went beyond the courtroom and exchanged accusations on “Fantástico”, a Sunday show on TV Globo.

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Gabriel, who is challenging Wilma’s right to Gal’s inheritance in court, claiming that the two were not a couple, even asked for his mother’s body to be exhumed.

“There was no autopsy, so there was no way of knowing if it was something deeper, something more than cardiac arrest. I wanted to make sure that was really it [parada cardíaca]”, highlighted the young man, in an interview with Renata Ceribelli.

The two also described the night of Gal’s death. According to Gabriel, the singer was ‘well, calm’ one night, when she drank tea prepared by him and Wilma and went to her room.

“I went to my mother’s room to say goodnight to her. Wilma said that she wasn’t well, she had chills, she had vomited, and that she had already been given medicine. Around 4:30 or 5 in the morning, I was woken up by Wilma. She called me into the room to help her put my mother to bed. I really thought she was sleeping, that it ended up falling while she was sleeping. But then I went to call her, called, called, called… When I saw that my mother wasn’t responding I started to get a little more desperate. She was starting to get cold, pale, her mouth was purple. I called Samu. They attended to me and said: ‘do some procedures, cardiac massage’ until they arrived and nothing”, reported the young man.

According to him, the singer’s body remained in his bed until the day of the burial. Despite this, he rules out that the cause of Gal’s death was something done by Wilma: “I don’t imagine that she could have done anything in relation to my mother. I don’t think she would get to that point.”

Even so, this is not what Wilma Petrillo thinks, who defended herself against accusations that were not made. “I don’t know what he’s suspecting. Does he think I killed his mother? That I killed Gal?” she questioned.

Absence of autopsy

During the interview, Petrillo explained why the cause of the singer’s death was not investigated. “I remembered that we had seen a program on television about autopsies, autopsies, and Gal said: ‘God forbid if one day I have to leave and they have to do this to me’. Because it was quite aggressive. And I said: ‘I don’t want an autopsy’”.


When asked to describe Petrillo’s characteristics, Gabriel spared no criticism: “Mercenary, liar, viper and crazy.”

She, in turn, described herself as “an extremely wonderful person, a good person”.

The young man also highlighted that the two had not been a couple for years. “They had a very brief relationship, and she became my mother’s manager. They started living together without any type of relationship other than friendship and work. Every day they fought badly,” she said, stating that her mother lived in a “toxic relationship.”

“My mother was a very good person, so she couldn’t leave Wilma because Wilma had nowhere to go,” he continued.

Wilma, in turn, argues that the two barely fought and never stopped being a couple.


According to Gabriel, Wilma asked him to call her mother only after Gal’s death: “She wanted me to stay close to her, to have power over the inheritance. Just for her to be heir with me.”

And she explained the document she signed, at the age of 17, recognizing the stable union between the two: “She told me that she was supposed to take care of us, that she needed to help me. I said: ‘I’ll think about it’, but she always rushed me, put pressure on me to sign.”

The businesswoman, who explained that Gabriel does not have the surname Petrillo because he “never cared about it”, accused the young man’s new girlfriend, who is 30 years older and his ex-mother-in-law, of manipulating him.

“She wants Gabriel to be heir and for her to manage his assets. I don’t blame him, I know it’s not him. She is that woman”, said Wilma.

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