Oscar 2023 | Which nominated movies are already available on streams?

Yesterday afternoon (24) the world met the great nominees for the most famous cinema award. With presentation of Alisson Williams and Riz Ahmedthe ceremony to announce the competitors for the statuettes of the 95th edition of the oscar was largely dominated by the phenomenon of Multiverse Everything Everywhere At Once, which won no less than 11 nominations. However, as popular as the movie has become, it is still not available on any streaming platforms. streaming. So, to make it easier for fans to watch the nominees, CinePOP separated the feature films that are already in the catalogs of the main platforms so that you can watch as many nominees as possible before the awards, which take place in March 12, 2023. Check out!

But before starting this post, you can check out all the Oscar nominees by clicking on here. The separation of films was made according to the platforms on which they can be found.

Amazon Prime Video

Big winner of the last Oscar edition, the Amazon Prime Video did not have any original productions this year, but has, for the time being, only one competitor. And it’s a strong candidate for Best International Film in your catalogue.

Argentina, 1985

Starred by the omnipresent Ricardo Darin, Argentina, 1985 is based on the true story of two prosecutors, who messed with a hornet’s nest when investigating and prosecuting the military involved in the Argentine military dictatorship, the one that killed the most in Latin America.

Take the time to watch:


Beloved by moviegoers, the Mubi has a spectacular catalogue. This year, the platform has only one competitor in its collection.


Quoted by many to appear on the list of Best movie, aftersun ended up winning only one nomination for Paul Mescal in the category of Best Actor. The film follows Sophie’s memoir, which spans more than two decades as she remembers the vacation she spent with her father when she was 11 years old. Between real memories and her imagination, the woman builds the image of her young and mysterious father, while trying to understand him better.

Apple TV+

As with previous platforms, the Apple TV+, so far, has only one nominee in its vast catalogue. However, it is an original film from the streamingcarried out in partnership with the trendy A24.


Also known as Causewaythis drama got a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for Brian Tyree Henry. In this psychological drama, an American soldier (Jennifer Lawrence) returns home after suffering a brain injury in the Afghan war. Back home, she struggles to adapt to ordinary life again. Sucked into a case of deep depression, she strikes up a friendship with James (Brian Tyree Henry), a mechanic who also deals with a very big trauma.

Paramount+ and Telecine

Here we have an interesting case. so much the Paramount+ how much the Telecinewhich can be accessed by the application Globoplayhave only one nominee in their catalogs.

The most curious thing is that it is the same movie. However, unlike the features we’ve shown so far, this nominee was selected to compete in no less than six different categories.

Are they: Best movie, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Assembly, Best sound and Best Original Song. In addition, the film in question was a true cinema phenomenon in 2022 and won a very expressive box office, appearing on the best of the year list of many people around the world. Now it’s easy to know what the movie is:

Top Gun: Maverick

Sequel to the 80’s classic, Top Gun: Indomitable Acesand still starring the tireless tom cruise, Top Gun: Maverick shows Pete ‘Maverick’ (cruise) refusing to join retirement, which leads him to work as a test pilot. After defying orders from his superiors, Maverick is assigned an unusual mission: train a new batch of Top Gun pilots to fulfill a mission. mission Impossible in the air.


Disney streaming has two nominees. One is already available and the other will enter the catalog next Wednesday (1), so we’re going to insert it in the list. Together, these two films total six nominations.

Red: Growing up is a Beast

Indicated to Best Animation, Red tells the story of a pre-teen of Asian descent in the 2000s, whose boyband favorite is going to play a concert in their town, much to the dismay of their controlling mother. To make matters worse, the poor thing enters adolescence and discovers that the women in her family are cursed with an extraordinary physical transformation. Every time she gets stressed or experiences behavioral changes, she transforms into a giant Red Panda.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever After

With premiere scheduled for the day February 1st on the platform, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever After garnered five nominations across categories, including Best Original Song, Best Costume Design, Best Hair and Makeup, Best Visual Effects and the great indication to Best Supporting Actress for Angela Bassett. In the plot, the King T’Challa he died. under the command of Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett), Wakanda remains a powerful nation. However, an underwater threat appears in the figure of Dating (Tenoch Huerta), ruler of a submerged kingdom that comes into conflict with the African nation.


Like the previous platform, the HBO Max has two nominees in several categories, being a favorite in some of them. In total, the service streaming HBO has 11 nominations.


Nominated in eight categories, including Best movie, Best Actor, Best Photography, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Assembly and Best soundis precisely in the category of Best Actor that the film seems to have more chances of being consecrated, since the performance of Austin Butler it was unanimous. The feature tells the story of the King of Rock in a very dynamic way, from his childhood to his early death, emphasizing both Elvis’ own visions and the perspective of his controversial manager.


Success with critics and audiences in 2022, the new batman shone in the technical categories. He was nominated in Best Visual Effects, Best Makeup and Hair and Best sound. The plot revolves around the young man Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson), who recently started to be the vigilante known as batman. While operating in Gotham’s shadows, a mysterious terrorist emerges, wreaking havoc on the superhero’s life.


Last but not least, the Netflix has already become a fixture at the Oscars. With original productions and others that were only added later, there are no less than seven films in the catalog, totaling 14 nominations.

Nothing New on the Front

With no less than nine nominations, including Best movie, Best International Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Soundtrack, Best Photography, Best Art Direction, Best Makeup and Hairstyles, Best Visual Effects and Best soundThe hit Nothing New on the Front is the main focus of Netflix this season. Adapting the classic of world literature of the same name, this German film tells the story of young Paul, an idealistic and enthusiastic boy who is summoned to defend his country in the trenches of the First World War. However, all this idealism is dissipating as he has to face the horrors of war.


Franc favorite in the category of Best Animation, Pinocchio brings the vision of Guillermo Del Toro to the classic story of the little wooden doll who dreams of being a real boy. Lonely, old Gepetto creates a wooden doll that comes to life in a touch of magic. However, little Pinocchio is confused about his identity and his role in the world. So, he runs away from home to try to find himself and ends up falling into an adventure full of dangers and challenges.


Based on a fictional novel about marilyn monroe, blonde was slammed by critics and is in contention for golden raspberry in the category of Worst Film of the Year. However, amid the outrage of this film, there was a salvation: the impressive performance of Ana de Armas like Marilyn. Her work earned the film a nomination in the Best actress.

RRR (Revolt, Rebellion, Revolution)

True phenomenon of Indian cinema, RRR earned only one nomination in Best Original Song. And while it’s a little disappointing that it was only nominated in that category, ‘Naatuu Naatu’ is one of the big favorites to take home the statuette. This feature tells the epic adventure of two revolutionary heroes in pre-independence India who go after a girl taken by British government explorers, even knowing the risks that this can bring. It’s a mix of musical with drama, adventure and action.

Bardo, False Chronicle of Some Truths

Indicated to Best Photographythis feature by award-winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu ended up disappointing to only get this nomination. The film tells the story of a Mexican journalist who lives in Los Angeles and built his career there. After winning a prestigious international award, he returns to Mexico, which takes him on a deep journey into his past, mixing his memories, his traumas and insecurities with his success in the present, messing with the man’s head on an insane journey.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Controversial and divisive, Glass Onion it’s another film by the director rian johnson which is popularized more by the mixed reactions of the public and critics than by the quality of the feature. continuation of Between Knives and Secrets (2019), the film earned a nomination in Best Original Screenplay. The plot now takes the detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) to Greece, where an eccentric billionaire has invited his best friends to his private island to play a game of “Detective”. Only a real murder ends up happening, and everyone there becomes a suspect.

the beast of the sea

As Pinocchio, the beast of the sea is a fantastic original animation by Netflix who won a nomination in Best Animation. But it does not emerge as a favorite precisely because Del Toro’s film is extraordinary. In this story, a little girl gets into the boat of an adventurer famous for being a great hunter of sea monsters. Over the course of the trip, which aims to kill as many monsters as possible, the little girl and the sailor create a great friendship that will change the hunter’s perspective on sea creatures.

With presentation of Jimmy KimmelThe Oscar 2023 takes place March 12, 2023.

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