Deborah Albuquerque before and after fame: see the changes

participant of The Farm 14, Deborah Albuquerque became very well known in the 2000s, when she joined the axé group the Ronaldinhas. Since then, the famous has gone through several changes, not only in her professional life, but also in her appearance. His before and after, including, has been impressing netizens on social networks.

Below, the Observatory of the Famous listed some of Deborah Albuquerque’s main changes, including photos that show his physical transformations as well as information about his TV career. Check out!


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career in music

Deborah Albuquerque started in music when she was just 15 years old. At the time, she was part of the axé group As Ronaldinhas. Her career as a singer, however, did not go forward.

Deborah Albuquerque joined the group As Ronaldinhas in 2000 (Photo: Reproduction)

Graduated in Advertising and Journalism

After that, Deborah took a few years away from the media. In that time, she graduated in Advertising and Journalism. Furthermore, she studied performing arts at Wolf Maia Actors School.

Featured on TV

From 2010 to 2011, Albuquerque worked as a stage assistant for the show Legendários, which was directed by Marcos Mion, on Record TV. The famous also participated for a year in the program Feira do Riso, from RedeTV!.

Deborah Albuquerque in Legendários (Photo: Reproduction/Record TV)

Paulistão and ‘Barbie fitness’

In 2011, Deborah won the Musa do Paulistão contest, representing the Americana team. Around the same time, she also performed work as a model, earning her the nickname ‘Barbie fitness’.

Deborah Albuquerque as Fitness Barbie (Photo: Disclosure/Studio Woody)

caused on the internet

With the rise of social networks, the famous began to invest in her career as a fitness influencer, sharing her training and food routine.

She also caused controversy in 2014, when she published videos lamenting the re-election of Dilma Rousseff to the presidency. At the time, Deborah cursed Brazilians, saying that the country would become Cuba.

Personal life

In 2015, Deborah Albuquerque married the doctor Bruno Salomão, with whom she has a daughter Bella, who was born that same year. The two remain together to the present day.

Participation in reality

In 2021, Deborah and Bruno joined the cast of the fifth season of Power Couple Brasil, on Record TV. The two were even finalists on the program and won second place. In addition, the famous was on Famosas em Apuros, from the same station. In 2022, she was confirmed as one of the participants of A Fazenda 14.

Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomão at Power Couple (Photo: Reproduction/Record TV)

aesthetic procedures

On social media, Deborah has already commented that “plastic is for the weak”. However, the famous has already performed some procedures such as: rhinoplasty, silicone breast implants and facial harmonization.

Your defined abdomen, however, contrary to what many imagine, is not the result of a LAD Lipo, but the result of electrostimulation and personal trainer monitoring.

“I know of criticism of my appearance and even false accusations, from people who very young underwent huge surgeries, being able to only use the good hormones of youth. […] I will never judge anyone’s appearance or scream people’s names like they did to me, ever. But against ‘photos’ there are no arguments!”she said in August 2021 on her social media.

Check out photos that show the before and after of Deborah Albuquerque:

Deborah Albuquerque’s changes (Photos: Reproduction/Social Media)

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