Cartolano, from Fofocalizando, exposes proposal to enlarge penis

The handsome presenter mocked an intimate procedure and said he didn’t have to adhere

Gabriel Cartolano made an unusual revelation during SBT’s Fofocalizando, on the afternoon of this Thursday, the 1st.

For those who haven’t seen it, the new heartthrob of the network reflected on Gretchen’s intimate surgery and said, in a joking tone, that he received a proposal to enlarge his penis.

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“There’s surgery to enlarge that region, right?!”, said the journalist. “Yes, they already offer you a partnership to do it”, ironized the partner, Chris Flores.

The famous agreed. “It’s true, I’ve already been offered to exchange, but I didn’t accept, I said it was working, everything was fine”, replied Cartolano.

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Gabriel Cartolano
Journalist Gabriel Cartolano is the presenter of Fofocalizando, along with Chris Flores, as well as being part of the Jogo dos Pontinhos, on the program of Silvio Santos (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Fight of Gabriel Cartolano and colleague from Fofocalizando

Roger Turchetti, a former reporter for the program, said that he was never a friend or even close to the handsome SBT.

On his YouTube channel, Intervenção, he said that the communicator actually tried to pull the rug out from under him at the station. “Even my story you want to steal. Stole my job, did everything to bring me down,” he said.

“Even after all this time, he kept doing bad things, trying to burn me”, he detonated.

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