Hello, Bruna Marquezine! Maisa Silva highlights curves in transparent dress and leaves panties showing at party: ‘I was surprised’


A transparent fashion, which has always been very famous among celebrities, seems to be becoming even more popular in recent weeks. After a very controversial appearance by Bruna Marquezine at Lollapaloozawith a very bold look, now it was time to Maisa Silva give something to talk about on the web.

Eternal Valeria de ‘Carousel‘, Maisa Silva is already 21 years old and can’t do without photos of her body on the web. Whether wearing a string bikini or looks that emphasize her curves, the actress stole the show with a transparent dress worn at a party in São Miguel dos Milagres, in Alagoas.

In photos published on her Instagram, the actress appears having a lot of fun with her friends. On her body, her bold choice became a topic among fans: a transparent, glittery dress that revealed her set of panties and bra in the same color.

Fans, impacted by the records, commented on the publication. “If she’s happy… I was surprised, if she’s happy like that, that’s fine“, wrote one internet user about the look. “You are so beautiful, my God”, praised another. “The most beautiful in Brazil”, added a third.

See the photos of Maisa Silva’s transparent dress in the gallery!

Maisa Silva used a valuable bag to compose her look

In addition to Maisa Silva’s transparent dress and lingerie appearing in the photos, a small detail – not small in value – was also noticed by followers: the bag that the actress was wearing.

For the occasion, the former SBT contractor, who recently starred in a series with Larissa Manoela It is John Guilherme, chose a black Ferragamo bag, very simple, to enhance her charm and, of course, save that makeup touch-up that is always necessary. According to Quem, the accessory is valued at R$15,774.

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