In settling scores with Davi on BBB 24, Matteus says: ‘You don’t give a damn’ | inside the house


In settling accounts with Davi on BBB 24, Matteus says: ‘You don’t give a damn’

This Sunday afternoon (30), Davi talks to Matteus in the external area of ​​BBB 24. During the chat, the Bahian and the Gaucho try to reconcile after a DR they had the night before and the Agricultural Engineering student apologizes to the app driver for calling him “disrespectful”.

“I see a lot of people not giving in,” says Matteus. The driver then asks: “How to twist?” “To cheer, for example, like this, I’m saying something… Davi, I came here to the house because I don’t want to talk to anyone”, explains the student.

1 of 1 In settling scores with Davi, Matteus says: ‘You don’t give a damn’ — Photo: Globo
In settling scores with Davi, Matteus says: ‘You don’t give a damn’ — Photo: Globo

“I know. Now I want you to answer me”, interrupts the Bahian, but the Gaucho continues: “I’m going to get to that line. I’m just going to make a line of reasoning. For example, I don’t like to ‘squabble’ with anyone, I don’t like to gossip with anyone. But, depending on the situation, especially with you, a person that I want good here in the house, that we have been playing together for a while.”

“I know it’s an individual game here, but I try to live it in the best way possible, especially in coexistence. Me, Matteus. I’m not saying this is a defect in you, but sometimes you don’t stand up for certain things.“, repeats the gaucho.

And he concludes: “You have a strong opinion and I know you have a strong opinion. Did you understand? This is normal. Just like I have my way of being.” Then, Davi interrupts his brother and says: “That’s what I want you to answer me, man”. “That’s what I’m talking about, understand? I’m not saying that you’re ‘right’ in everything, it might have sounded heavy”, concludes Matteus.

“Davi, it wasn’t as disrespectful as I told you. Me, Matteus, thinking. I know you understood it as disrespectful and, here, words have weight and I agree with you. And, if I told you that, I apologize and yesterday I apologized there”, recalls the brother.

“I didn’t say that you are disrespectful to the point that, at the level of… your attitudes are disrespectful”, the student tries to explain. “Every word has a weight. If I call you, an example… I fought like Bin, I called him a traitor. I have to commit to what I said to him, understand?”, argues Davi.

“That’s my explanation”, says the gaucho. The driver adds: “I know what I’m talking about and I know what I’m arguing. And, when he comes to talk to me, I have an argument to defend myself.”

“The disrespectful thing, when you talk to someone, for example, who was really disrespectful, a traitor, did something to you, that’s it. But that’s something that means it to me. It’s not that I said: ‘Davi, you’re being disrespectful to the girls’… It’s not that you’re disrespectful. It’s a tip from a friend, from a group of friends”, says Matteus.

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