The most beautiful Globo heartthrob in Brazil has had enough and has come out as gay

Carmo Dalla Vecchia hid his sexuality for a long time, but it was at Globo that he came out as gay and exposed his marriage

Carmo Dalla Vecchia is currently on air in two Globo telenovelas at the same time, the first in the rerun of “A Favorita”, on “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo”, and the second on “Cara e Coragem”, at 7pm. Great heartthrob of the serials, the artist broke a cycle of repression at the station and revealed to be gay in a participation in “Dança dos Famosos”, last year.

On the occasion, the actor thanked him for the opportunity to compete in the program and even thanked his husband, who is the author of soap operas. João Emanuel Carneiro. The professional, for those who don’t know, is responsible for great plots that have already aired on Globo.

JEC, as he is known on social media, has written hits like “Da Cor do Pecado” (2004), “A Favorita” (2008) and even “Avenida Brasil” (2012), which is his biggest work to date. He is also responsible for “The Rule of the Game” (2015) and “Segundo Sol” (2018).


Carmo Dalla Vecchia and João Emanuel Carneiro have been together since 2005 and are currently parents of little Pedro, who always appears in records that are beyond cute with the actor on Instagram. The handsome one usually shows everyday situations, such as feeding the puppy, teaching and family singing moments.


The famous is also adept at good humor. In a response to a fan on social media, he amusedly told how he met his husband. “I was putting on a horrible show and he went to see it. He must have taken pity on me and asked me to marry him,” he declared, to the thousands of followers he has gained since coming out to his truth.

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Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Globo's heartthrob, and her husband (Photo: AgNews)
Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Globo’s heartthrob, and her husband have been together since 2005 (Photo: AgNews)

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