How to perform a Cell Recharge in the Inter Super App?

How to perform a Cell Recharge in the Inter Super App?
How to perform a Cell Recharge in the Inter Super App?

Inter’s super App offers services that will help you in everyday life. One of them is prepaid mobile recharge, quickly and online.

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According to a survey conducted by Ding, a recharge company, Brazil is one of the countries that most use prepaid cell phone plans. It even exceeds the world rate of 53%. For 90% of the 7 thousand respondents, the main reason for choosing the plans is the flexibility of use for contracting. And Inter’s Super App also provides this service. Therefore, we will explain below how to use this tool.

How to perform a Cell Recharge in the Inter Super App?

In general, Inter’s super App offers several services that will help you on a daily basis. One of them is prepaid mobile recharge, quickly, conveniently and online. To top up your cell phone on a phone number, access the app and follow the steps below:

  1. select option PHONE RECHARGE in the menu;
  2. fill in the number with area code twice;
  3. After that, choose operator and inform the credit value;
  4. After that, choose the recharge date and click CONFIRM;
  5. Authenticate the transaction using the Mastercard card token, SMS or password;
  6. Finally, the request will be processed by your operator within a maximum period of 24 hours.

The advantage of this operation is that you can recharge your cell phone with your credit card. In addition, after informing your operator and your number, the value options that will appear are the ones that the system automatically makes available. Therefore, the value may vary from one company to another.

Which operators accept recharges on the Super App?

Below, check out the operators that accept mobile recharge on the Inter Super App:

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  • clear
  • Hey
  • Tim
  • Alive
  • Algartelecom
  • Embratel
  • Sercomtel
  • telephone

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Inter also has Inter Cel Cellular Plans, with cashback!

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