More than 106 million people can withdraw money from the FGTS: See how

More than 106 million people can withdraw money from the FGTS: See how
More than 106 million people can withdraw money from the FGTS: See how

Recently, Caixa Econômica Federal distributed R$ 13.2 billion to workers entitled to the 2021 profit from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS). More than 106 million Brazilians, who had an account balance on December 31, 2021, received the amount.

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The distribution of the FGTS profit serves to increase the profitability of workers’ accounts. The covered accounts reached a yield of 5.83% per year, the percentage is almost twice the yield of the savings account.

The amount receivable varies according to the amount in the worker’s account. The more money in the account, the greater the amount the worker is entitled to. To find the profit share, simply multiply the balance in the account on December 31st by 0.02748761. In practice, this means that for every BRL 1000 in balance, the citizen receives BRL 27.49.

The FGTS is lower than inflation, but still yields more than other types of funds, such as savings.

How to check the FGTS profit value?

Through the INSS app, available for iOS and Android, the worker can access the complete statement.

It is necessary to register with the personal information and the NIS number (Social Identification Number), which can be consulted in the Work Card or Citizen Card. Those who already have a registration, just need to enter their CPF and password.

Another way to check the balance is in person at any Caixa branch.

Who is entitled to the FGTS profit?

Persons with active or inactive Severance Indemnity Fund accounts can receive the profit for the previous year. Normally, the money is deposited until August 31, however, this year, the FGTS Council decided to advance payment.

How to withdraw the FGTS profit?

The procedure is the same for all types of FGTS withdrawal situations. Check the instructions:

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  • Separate the documentation: you need an original document with photo, work card and PIS number. In certain situations, specific documents are required, which can be consulted on Caixa’s website.
  • Withdrawals of amounts equal to or less than R$ 1500 can be made at lotteries, Caixa Aqui Correspondents, electronic service points and self-service rooms.
  • To withdraw amounts over R$ 1500, you must go to Caixa branches.

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