Abarth fastback: we drove 2,700 km and covered 4 states with a coupe SUV – 04/01/2024


SUVs are consumers’ favorite cars, to the point of gaining variations inspired by other body types. This includes coupes, models with a low body and a sloping and stretched rear that now give rise to taller, more robust sports utility vehicles.

This is the case with Fastback. which combines the practicality of a four-door SUV with the style of a sports car. O UOL Carros tested the top-of-the-line Abarth version, covering more than 2,700 km in four Brazilian states during a week, on a round trip between the capital of São Paulo and Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul.

Unveiling the Abarth Fastback

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Design: In the Abarth version, the look becomes even sportier thanks to details such as the black paintwork on the 18-inch spoked alloy wheels, the roof and mirrors with glossy black paintwork, the spoiler on the rear lid with the same finish, the fillet on the upper part of the headlights and front grille imitating carbon fiber and red details in various parts of the car.

Internal space: measuring 4.42 m long, thanks to the elongated rear overhang, it is around 32 cm longer than the Pulse compact SUV from which it derives. However, in other dimensions, it is almost the same width (1.78 m) and has the same wheelbase (2.53 m). Therefore, the cabin is not as spacious, especially in the rear seat. On the other hand, because it is longer, it has a large trunk, measuring 516 liters.

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Life on board: It features a finish that mixes different colors and textures, but rigid plastics predominate, as in other models in the same category. The materials are well fitted and I didn’t notice any burrs. Seats are comfortable, as I saw on the long trip I took. On the other hand, the cabin’s acoustic insulation could be better, even though the SUV has a sporty proposal, which includes the serious roar of the engine.

Security: It has rear and front parking sensors, a high-resolution reversing camera with adaptive guides, traditional cruise control, automatic emergency braking with collision warning, involuntary lane departure warning and automatic high beams. However, it only has four airbags, compared to six in SUVs in the same price range, and does not have adaptive cruise control or blind spot warning.

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Performance: received new calibration to become more agile and provide faster gear changes with its 1.3 turbo engine flex 185 hp and 27.5 kgfm and six-speed automatic transmission. All this, added to the stiffer suspension, with new geometry at the front, plus wider and stickier tires, as well as more direct electric steering, contribute to an exciting experience: Fiat reports acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in good conditions. 7.6 seconds, with a top speed of 220 km/h.

On the steering wheel, the Poison button makes the car even more skittish and the roar of the exhaust with two tips is a chapter in itself. Even with the more sporty feel, and despite the drum brakes on the rear wheels, the driving is very stable and conveys safety – to top it off, it can easily be used as an SUV – with it, I drove on dirt roads inside the RS without ever scrape the floor or bumpers.

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Consumption: Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) reports averages of a good 10.3 km/l in the city and 13.1 km/l on the road with gasoline – with ethanol, respectively, 7.2 km /le 9.3 km/l. I drove most of the almost 3,000 km of this test with gasoline in the tank and proved, in practice, that the official consumption data matches reality.

Equipment: highlights include digital and automatic air conditioning, induction cell phone charger, two USB ports, automatic headlight switching, engine start via button, 7-inch digital dashboard, 10.1-inch multimedia center, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay without wire, sports exhaust with dual tips, lowered sports suspension, 18-inch darkened alloy wheels, electronic parking brake with Auto Hold function and electronic differential lock.

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Market: at R$160,990, the Abarth is just R$4,000 more affordable than the Limited Edition version, equipped with the same engine and transmission, but which does not have all the sporty calibration that the more expensive option offers. Currently, it has no competitors on the market and stands out from other versions of the Fastback.

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  • Consumption
  • Spacious trunk
  • List of serial items
  • Truly sporty performance without compromising comfort

Negative points

  • It only has 4 airbags
  • For the price, it could have disc brakes on the rear wheels
  • Rear seat space could be better


With no competitors in its price range, it offers a very honest proposal as it is a true sports car, featuring exclusive calibration of the engine, gearbox, steering assistance and suspension. It is stable, runs well and, at the same time, brings versatility for everyday use, with a comfortable ride, spacious trunk and good ground clearance.

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