New highway auctions should attract R$9 billion in investments

New highway auctions should attract R$9 billion in investments
New highway auctions should attract R$9 billion in investments

Main stretches are the highway between Belo Horizonte and Juiz de Fora and the Lote Litoral Paulista

April 1, 2024, 5:50 am

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247 – Two important auctions in the road concessions sector are scheduled for April, with works estimated at R$9 billion. The first will take place on April 11, involving the federal tender for BR-040, between Belo Horizonte and Juiz de Fora (MG). Then, on April 16, the government of São Paulo intends to auction the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) of the Litoral Paulista Lot, according to report of Value. These events are considered crucial, given the uncertainty generated by the cancellation of the BR-381 auction, in Minas Gerais, the previous year, due to lack of proposals.

The market expressed concern after the failure of the BR-381 auction, which highlighted uncertainty about investors’ interest in new projects. However, analysts believe that the April auctions will have a more positive performance, especially due to the attractive characteristics of the sections on offer. BR-040, for example, has aroused the interest of several companies, given its potential profitability and considerable traffic volume.


One of the highlights is the BR-040 concession, which covers a stretch from Belo Horizonte to Juiz de Fora, and provides for significant investments in works and operational costs over the 30-year contract. In this bidding model, the company that offers the biggest discount on the toll fee will win. Potential interested parties include large corporations such as CCR, Pátria, EPR (Equipav and Perfin) and EcoRodovias, as well as companies in the construction industry.

Another relevant aspect is the partial solution to the problem of re-bidding Via040, an Invepar concession that is being returned to the government. The auction is also emblematic due to the ups and downs it has faced in recent years, reflecting a significant challenge in the road infrastructure sector. However, expectations are positive for the success of these auctions, although the future scenario for the sector still presents challenges, given the high number of new concessions in the process of being structured by governments.

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