One week until the ‘BBB 24’ final! Check out how Davi, Yasmin Brunet, Fernanda and other brothers are doing after the reality show

One week until the ‘BBB 24’ final! Check out how Davi, Yasmin Brunet, Fernanda and other brothers are doing after the reality show
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Yasmin Brunet, Davi, Fernanda and other brothers are living post-‘BBB 24’ in different ways.

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The ‘BBB 24’ final took place exactly one week ago! Last Tuesday (16), we met the great champion of ‘BBB 24’, Davi. Meanwhile, Matteus won 2nd place and Isabelle 3rd. With the end of the reality show, the lives of all participants changed completely. After all, now they are living with all the changes they didn’t know had happened in their lives while they were confined.

See below how the ‘BBB 24’ brothers are doing one week after the final!


Davi left ‘BBB 24’ as the great champion, but soon after found himself involved in a major controversy with Mani Rego, his girlfriend. The two ended their relationship after he stated that they were just ‘getting to know each other’. Now, Davi and Mani’s relationship is super troubled and generating a series of controversies. Other than that, Davi has participated in several TV shows and is recording a documentary.


Matteus is living in glory days post-‘BBB 24’. He returned to Alegrete where he was received like a big star. Furthermore, despite not having a serious relationship with Isabelle, he remains very close to Cunhã.


Isabelle lives a similar situation to Matteus, but in Manaus. Cunhã returned to her city and was received with great euphoria. She also did not give labels to her relationship with Matteus, but is willing to remain close to her brother.

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