Globo hits the hammer and changes the forbidden ending of Elas for Elas


Adriana (Thalita Carauta) and Jonas (Mateus Solano) lived a typical serial love story in They for Them. The lovebirds have been in love since they were teenagers, but they had to deal with Helena’s (Isabel Teixeira) obsession to live that love.

Mateus Solano in Elas por Elas

Given the strength of this feeling, it is practically inconceivable to imagine any outcome for the couple other than a happy ending, celebrating the victory of love. And that is precisely what should happen in the outcome of the plot written by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson.

But, curiously, this was not what happened in the first version of the soap opera, in 1982. In the original work, Helena prevailed in the dispute with Adriana for the love of Jonas, after the plot was banned by the federal government’s Censorship. Can you imagine?

Jonas and Adriana stay together in Elas por Elas?

In Elas por Elas, Adriana and Jonas have been in love since they were teenagers. But Helena, obsessed with him, arranged to separate the couple. The vixen got pregnant with Bruno (Luan Argollo), but had sex with Jonas and lied, saying that he was the baby’s father.

As a result, Adriana and Jonas broke up and he married Helena. But, years later, Jonas and Adriana meet again and the feeling between them returns with full force. Upon seeing his great love from the past again, Jonas is filled with courage and puts an end to his marriage with Helena.

After that, the vixen made few good plans to end the romance between them and get Jonas back. Helena even kidnapped her lover in the final stretch of the soap opera, in a desperate attempt to stay with him forever. But Adriana managed to free Jonas and Helena had a very bad time. Love won and the couple remains more united than ever.

What happened to Jonas and Helena in the first version of Elas por Elas?

Thalita Carauta in Elas por Elas

In 1982, Jonas was called Jayme (Carlos Zara). Just like in the current version, he is Adriana’s (Esther Góes) youth boyfriend, but ended up marrying Helena (Aracy Balabanian).

Years later, Helena meets Adriana again and their relationship is not the best. The vixen fears that she will get closer to Jayme and, in addition, she doesn’t like the idea of ​​her son Gil (Lauro Corona) dating Mirian (Tássia Camargo), her rival’s daughter.

Helena spends the entire soap opera trying to end the teenagers’ romance. But, in the end, she discovers that her father Miguel (Mário Lago) exchanged Gil and Mirian in the maternity ward. Thus, she realizes that she is Mirian’s mother and decides to ask for forgiveness for everything she did. Helena also makes peace definitively with Adriana.

Helena’s change does not go unnoticed. Jayme notes that his wife has become a better person and, at the end of the soap opera, they are still married and in harmony.

Censored plot

In 1982, Jayme is shaken by Adriana’s presence, but the youthful romance is never resumed. Jayme does not leave home to live with the veterinarian, as happened in the current version of the soap opera.

The romance between Adriana and Jayme did not happen due to censorship. In 1982, Brazil was experiencing the end of the Military Dictatorship, and television works needed censorship to be shown.

As Jayme was married to Helena on paper, the censors did not allow him to leave his wife’s house to live with Adriana. Therefore, author Cassiano Gabus Mendes was prevented from developing this love story, keeping Jayme and Helena together until the end.

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