Pitel finds out about the end of Lucas and Camila’s marriage outside of BBB 24; see reaction

Pitel finds out about the end of Lucas and Camila’s marriage outside of BBB 24; see reaction
Pitel finds out about the end of Lucas and Camila’s marriage outside of BBB 24; see reaction

A topic that the public was waiting for to follow new developments was the end of the marriage of Lucas Buda, from BBB 24, and his wife Camila Moura. She was outraged by her brother’s advances on Pitel and announced their divorce after more than 15 years together. The sister watched the scenes and discovered the whole situation.

Lucas Henrique and Camila got married in 2015after having been in a relationship since 2008. Last week, the teacher considered the participant’s attitudes towards Giovana Pitel to be betrayal.

Presenter Ed Gama questioned Pitel about her relationship with Buddha and she explained that it was nothing more than a friendship. However, when watching the scene where he sings “Bahiana, you messed me up”, the sister was embarrassed by what she said. “We were very good friends. I think that with his ‘Bahiana, you messed me up’ joke, he later got upset because Camila didn’t appear in the videos. Then I think it went downhill a little bit,” she said.

“But it was just friendship, he is an incredible, very intelligent guy who I have the pleasure of working with. He was very worried about Camila, how things went out here. He felt bad”, she lamented.

Ed Gama explained that Buddha received some signs that he was single. “They were signs: not having appeared in the Angel video, not appearing in the Easter egg. The Buddha’s wife went on social media and said she was single, but she didn’t encourage female rivalry with you, she didn’t attribute any responsibility to you,” she comforted.

“I imagined it, really. But I hope they are fine, he talks about her with a lot of love, does he talk about his ex-mother-in-law or mother-in-law? I don’t know. I hope they talk and decide what’s best for both of them. It’s just not up to me, I think,” said Pitel.


Lucas’s first flirtation with Pitel occurred at one of the BBB 24 parties, when he commented: “I’ll just say one thing: Bahian, you messed me up, I freaked out about your nagô color, your guide”. The phrase was commented on by the sister when leaving.

After watching the images, Camila Moura took a stand against her husband, cheered for David – its main adversary – and went from a thousand to 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Since then, she has not stopped gaining new “fans” and Today it has more than three million followers.

“When the buzz started to emerge, I said ‘okay, let’s see’, but things got worse. You may not agree, but, for me, betrayal is not just kissing on the mouth, having sex, physical contact. Lucas came in knowing that. From the moment you have the intention, that you have the flirtation and are there to do everything or nothing to win over the person, for me, Camila, this is betrayal, a breach of trust”, she said in a video posted online Social.

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