unusual characters from Renascer will give birth


4 pregnant women, 4 babies: unusual characters from Renascer are going to give birth. Globo’s current nine o’clock soap opera will present some outcomes that will change the lives of several characters.

For now, the one who is pregnant in Renascer is Teca, played by actress Lívia Silva. The girl who lived on the streets was taken in by Buba (Gabriela Medeiros) and is now determined to donate her baby to her and José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas) as soon as it is born.

The baby will actually be donated to Buba, who dreams of becoming a mother. Until birth, however, some things will occur. José Venâncio will die in an ambush set up by Egídio (Vladimir Brichta) and Eliana (Sophie Charlotte) will reveal that Buba is a trans woman.

In the end, the one who raises the son with Buba is José Augusto (Renan Monteiro).

Livia Silvia is Teca and Gabriela Medeiros is Buba in Renascer

In addition to Teca, the one who will soon get pregnant will be Sandra (Giulia Busccacio). The daughter of Egídio and João Pedro (Juan Paiva) will fall in love despite the boy’s eternal doubts about Mariana (Theresa Fonseca).

The pregnancy revelation occurs when Sandra is kicked out of the house by her father and decides to reopen the brothel that belonged to Jacutinga (Juliana Paes).

Sandra Giullia Buscacio and João Pedro Juan Paiva in Renascer

Another baby expected to be born in Renascer is Ritinha (Mel Muzzillo), who is married to Damião (Xamã), but will separate when she discovers his affair with Eliana.

Single, she will try to start a romance with José Augusto, but without success. In the end, she gets involved with José Bento (Marcelo Mello Jr) and ends up getting pregnant by the boy, who asks her to abort the child.

Disgusted, Ritinha continues the pregnancy and is later surprised by Bento’s change of mind, who takes over the baby and the relationship with her.

Ritinha (Mell Muzzillo) in Renascer
Ritinha Mell Muzzillo in Renascer

Finally there is Eliana, who will start an extramarital affair with Damião, and soon after will manage to seduce Egídio (Vladimir Brichta). After separating from Dona Patroa (Camila Morgado), the farmer will begin his romance with the model, who will become heir to the villain’s lands.

Egídio then dies in a stakeout set up by Mariana and leaves his inheritance to Eliana. Already a farmer, she takes Damião to work and live on her land. Shortly afterwards she discovers that she is pregnant with Ritinha’s ex.

Eliana (Sophie Charlotte) and Damião (Shaman) in Renascer
Eliana Sophie Charlotte and Damião Xamã in Renascer

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