Registrato now offers more details about Pix keys


Starting this Tuesday (2), users of Pix, the Central Bank’s (BC) instant transfer system, will have an easier time checking information and avoiding fraud. Registrato, the BC page that provides citizens’ relationships with financial institutions, now offers an extra report with the history of keys, including deleted ones.

In addition to the simplified report, which was already offered by the Registrato, citizens will be able to issue the complete report. The amplified version of the document will not only provide information about the current keys but also the history of all keys already used and deleted by the user, informing the date and time of deletion.

The complete report, informed the BC, will be available in the Registry within two business days of the request.

The BC also expanded the information present in the simplified report. Issued at the time of the request, the document was improved, with the inclusion of the exact time the Pix key was created and a column with the status of each key: active, judicially blocked, in possession claim and portability.

In the case of a key in possession claim, the user requests possession of a key registered in another person’s name, which often occurs in the case of keys with telephone numbers that have changed ownership. In portability, the account holder transfers the key to another financial institution. In both cases, informed the BC, the situation will appear as “claiming possession or portability”.

The new features, informed the BC, allow citizens to identify possible fraud attempts using keys created in their name. To access the two Pix key reports and other Registrato reports, the citizen must have a silver or gold account on the Portal.

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