Probably eliminated for the night on ‘BBB 24’, Pitel goes viral for her reaction to the closing of the Gnome Room: ‘It’s not enough…’


This Tuesday (2), ‘BBB 24’ said goodbye to the famous fourth Gnome. In the final stretch of the program, it is common for Globo to close one of the rooms to make all the brothers concentrate on one. The chosen one was the fourth Gnome, currently inhabited by Pitel, MC Bin Laden, Lucas ‘Buda’ and Giovanna. They were super attached to the place, which was also shared with Fernanda, Rodriguinho and many other brothers who had already been eliminated.

The Gnomes had to say goodbye to the environment, but what caught the most attention was Pitel’s reaction when leaving the room. Look!

Brothers mourn the end of Gnome

This Tuesday, Big Boss announced the news that no Gnome wanted to hear: “Attention, the Gnome Room will close forever“, he stated. The participants commented on what was said and Lucas ‘Buddha’ even stated that ‘forever’ was a heavy way of speaking. All the Gnomes needed to organize their belongings and move to the Fairy room, where they sleep Davi, Beatriz, Alane, Matteus and Isabelle – the Gnomes’ declared rivals.

Pitel’s reaction to packing his things went viral on the web. “It’s not enough to eliminate the entire room, we’ll still have to sleep with them”, he said, referring to the Fairies. The Gnomes are being eliminated in sequence and they already know that the Fairies are the favorites of the edition.

Emotional farewell

In addition to making fun of the situation, Pitel was also quite emotional. The woman from Alagoas, who is in Paredão and is at the greatest risk of elimination, sat on her bed for a while reflecting. “It was crazy, okay? This was crazy (…) bye bye, it was a pleasure. You shared every moment with me in this house. Thanks“, he said. MC Bin Laden, Lucas ‘Buda’ and Giovanna also said goodbye to the place. After saying goodbye, Pitel was the last to close the door of the Gnome room.

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