everything about the chapter for Wednesday, April 3

everything about the chapter for Wednesday, April 3
everything about the chapter for Wednesday, April 3

Do you want to know what will happen in the next chapter of Paraíso Tropical? Check out the summary of what will be shown on the Globo soap opera this Wednesday, April 3, 2024:

Chapter 84 – Wednesday, 04/03/2024

Alessandra Negrini and Fábio Assunção in Paraíso Tropical

Cadelão and Jader are surprised. Joana meets Cássio and he invites her to work at the restaurant as a receptionist.

Camila catches Fred arguing with Fernanda and discovers that her father’s restaurant is at risk.

Fred vents to Camila, who happily and proudly supports him. Fernanda fights with Camila and says her marriage is numbered.

Lucia sees Renata leaving Antenor’s office and becomes uncomfortable. Hermínia follows Clemente and he surprises her.

Lúcia asks Paula to tell her everything she knows about Antenor’s history of womanizing.

Paula decides that she will pretend to be Taís to get information from Olavo. Bebel catches Olavo singing to a woman and gets furious.

Tropical Paradise is shown by Globe from Monday to Friday, after the Afternoon Session.

It is worth remembering that the chapters are provided by the broadcaster and can be changed without prior notice.

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