‘No Rancho Fundo’ actor expresses anger over behind-the-scenes controversy: “Absurd”


Haroldo Guimarãesactor which is part of the cast of In Rancho Fundothe next six soap opera on Globo, ripped the word around the criticism the cast recently receivedafter the first photo of the work went viral, regarding the portrayal of Northeastern characters in the work.

During the press conference for Mario Teixeira’s plot, the artist from Ceará pointed out the negative repercussion of the photo in questionwhich brought together the main cast, such as Alexandre Nero, Andrea Beltrão and Mariana Lima, as well as Igor Jansen and Larissa Bocchino, wearing old clothes and with a suffering face.


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“There was a 20-year-old actor who tried to teach me about acting. I have been an actor since 1993, but only now have I received recognition. They also tried to teach classes about what it’s like to be from the Northeast, since I’m from there,” began the actor In Rancho Fundo. “They said the actors in the photo were dirty and miserable. And there were great journalists who used this to gain likes, engagement, clicks. It’s an absurd”he lamented.

In the replacement of They for Themwhich premieres on April 15th, Haroldo Guimarães will play Primo Cícero, a distant relative of Seu Tico Leonel (Alexandre Nero), husband of Zefa (Andrea Beltrão), and is father of faith (Rhaisa Batista), Hope (Andréa Bak) and Charity (Clara Moneke).

Cast of ‘No Rancho Fundo’ (Photo: Globo/João Cotta)

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