Chega Mais opens the month with a negative record on SBT and harms Carinha de Anjo

Chega Mais opens the month with a negative record on SBT and harms Carinha de Anjo
Chega Mais opens the month with a negative record on SBT and harms Carinha de Anjo

Regina Volpato in Chega Mais this Monday (1st); morning show had the worst audience rating – Photo: Reproduction/SBT

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The Chega Mais program, on SBT, had the worst audience since its debut this Monday (1st). Data from Kantar Ibope obtained by NaTelinha through market sources point out that the morning team led by Regina Volpato, Michelle Barros and Paulo Mathias won just 1.7 points in Greater SP.

The index places the attraction as the least watched on SBT throughout the day, ahead of only those aired in the early hours of the morning such as Operação Mesquita, SBT Podnight and SBT News on TV.

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+ Christiane Pelajo is the 1st anchor hired by CNBC Brasil

+ Mara Maravilha debuts program on Rede Gospel: “The time has come to show my talent”

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Furthermore, the low performance at Ibope hampered the re-presentation of Carinho de Anjo (2016-2018). The plot starring Lorena Queiroz recorded 2.7 points in the capital of São Paulo, the lowest number on that day of the week since its premiere.

Other audience highlights of the day:

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  • Jornal da Band, as is customary, continues to have the largest audience on the Morumbi channel and also surpasses all SBT programs.
  • The animation Pinocchio (2021), like Shrek (2001) on Friday (29), had more audiences than Cheias de Charme (2012) in the Afternoon Session.
  • Speaking of films, Bacurau (2019) on Globo’s Tela Quente had the second worst audience of the year with 9.7 points. However, his leadership was not threatened.

Check out the hearings on Monday (04/02/2024):

Good morning SP 8.1
Good morning Brazil 8.5
Meeting 7.5
More you 9.1
SP1 11.5
Globe Sports 10.4
Newspaper Today 11.1
Full of Charm 11.0
Afternoon Session: Pinocchio 11.1
Tropical paradise 14.8
They for Them 18.6
SP2 21.7
Family is everything 22.8
National Newspaper 26.0
Reborn 26.9
Big Brother Brasil 24 21.9
Hot Screen: Bacurau 9.7
Globo newspaper 4.9
BBB Network 4.3
Family is Everything (representation) 3.8
Go Que Cola 3.6
Hour One 5.2
Morning General Balance 1.9
Morning General Balance II 3.0
General Balance Morning SP 3.1
Speak Brazil 3.6
Nowadays 4.1
SP General Balance 6.5
Universal Church 6.9
SP General Balance 7.0
The Promised Land 5.6
City Alert 4.8
City Alert II 5.7
City Alert III 7.1
City Alert SP 8.6
Record newspaper 8.8
Kings 5.8
Genesis 4.3
DOC Research 3.4
Chicago P.D. 2.7
JR 24h 2.1
Between Lines 1.3
Love school 0.6
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God 0.6
Dawn General Balance 1.0
First Impact I 1.9
First Impact II 2.1
Come closer 1.7
Angel’s face 2.7
Teresa 2.8
My Fortune Is Loving You 3.0
Gossiping 2.6
It’s time 2.6
SBT Brazil 3.2
The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet 3.8
The Adventures of Poliana 4.0
Mouse Program 4.4
Arena SBT 2.9
The Night 2.2
Operation Mosque 1.6
SBT Podnight 1.6
SBT News on TV 1.5
Awaken Brazil 0.2
Let’s go Brazil SP 0.4
Let’s go Brazil 0.5
The Chef 0.5
Open game 1.4
SP Open Game 2.4
The Owners of the Ball 2.0
Best of the Afternoon 1.2
Brazil Urgent 3.3
Brasil Urgente SP 4.7
Band Newspaper 4.5
Best of the Night 1.8
Perrengue of the Day 1.0
Vikings 0.9
Night news 0.9
Total Sport 0.6
Galinho Review 0.5
Doc BandSports 0.4
+info 0.4
Jornal da Band (representation) 0.5
BandNews Newspaper – First Newspaper 0.5

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