Second season gets official teaser


Now it’s official!

Solo Leveling concluded its first season this past Saturday (30) and, with such success and repercussion, the production soon announced the renewal of the series for another season! The news came accompanied by new teaser electrifying, check it all out below.

As expected, Solo Leveling had its second season confirmed and its transmission will also be done by Crunchyroll. Fans will be able to continue watching Jin-woo’s journey, as the teaser below shows us:

Created by Chu-Gong, a South Korean author, the story presents us with a universe where warriors known as Hunters use their powers and skills to conquer dungeons that exist within portals. This is how the main characters of anime earn a living.

Solo Leveling

Jinwoo, protagonist of the series, has his life transformed after coming across a “double dungeon” (a high-level dungeon hidden inside a low-level dungeon) and, thus, survives and levels up as a hunter, becoming the most powerful of your generation. The new season promises to further explore the protagonist and, of course, the reality behind this unique universe.

Excited for season two?

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