Thieves arrested who stole R$ 100 thousand in cash, gold and jewelry from home in ES

Thieves arrested who stole R$ 100 thousand in cash, gold and jewelry from home in ES
Thieves arrested who stole R$ 100 thousand in cash, gold and jewelry from home in ES

Crimes were investigated by the São Gabriel da Palha Police Station. Credit: Civil Police

The Civil Police of São Gabriel da Palha, in the Northwest Region, closed, this Thursday (1st), a police investigation that found a robbery in a residence, which took place on July 2 of this year, in the Progresso neighborhood. Police discovered that the crime was linked to another burglary at a house in the area, days later.

According to information collected during the deposition, two men would have invaded the house of the 59-year-old victim. The criminals said they were looking for a man named Rogério and that, when they saw that there was no one with that name, they decided to take two cell phones and the amount of R$ 30.00 in cash.

The police investigation was opened and, about eight days after the crime, on July 10, a house located at the back of the residence where the robbery took place was stolen. At the time, two men stole more than R$100,000 in jewelry, money and gold. A 50-year-old man, owner of the house, found that criminals had broken down one of the doors of the residence and used tools to open the drawer where the gold was kept.

During testimony, the victim also reported that the neighbor’s house had been invaded eight days before the theft. The Civil Police investigation team identified the suspects with the help of security cameras in the region. Their arrest for the crime of aggravated theft was carried out and the investigation concluded.

Days after the conclusion of the case, the police received information that one of the cell phones was being used by one of the men who were arrested for the crime of theft. The men, from the beginning, planned to steal the jewelry that was stolen on July 10, but missed the target on the first attempt.

Realizing their mistake, the criminals decided not to leave empty-handed, according to police.

Rafael Caliman

Delegate of São Gabriel da Palha

“From the beginning, they knew that there was a residence in that region that had a portion of gold kept. However, they missed the target on July 2nd and, in order not to leave empty-handed, they took their cell phones and money. who were in search of this Rogério was also an artifice used to try to subtract the gold”

The conclusion of the police was that the two crimes had the same authorship and the investigation of the theft was closed. The suspects, aged 30 and 31, were already at the Provisional Detention Center (CDP) in São Domingos do Norte. for the crime of qualified theft that occurred on July 10. Now, they will also answer for the crime of theft.

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