Procon-RJ: price of cooking oil reduced by an average of 6% in the five regions surveyed | Economy

Procon-RJ: price of cooking oil reduced by an average of 6% in the five regions surveyed | Economy
Procon-RJ: price of cooking oil reduced by an average of 6% in the five regions surveyed | Economy

Procon accounted for 2,295 visits to the public carried out between January and July of this yearPaulo Dimas/CCS PMBM

The State Procon of Rio de Janeiro carried out a survey of prices of rice, beans and cooking oil, items that are part of the food basket of consumers in Rio de Janeiro. The research compares the values ​​of July and August of 2022 with the month of September of the same year. The reduction was 2%, driven by the average drop in oil prices, observed from August to September, which was 6%.

The biggest reduction in the price of rice was found in Barra do Piraí, where one brand showed a drop of 47%. Other price reductions were observed in a supermarket in Rio de Janeiro (34%) and in Cabo Frio (37%). The product found in the Lagos Region had the highest increase analyzed for since the last survey (68%)

The price of oil fell this month in most establishments analyzed, with significant reductions of 15% to 30%. The last survey had already compared prices before and after the ICMS exemption, determined by the state government, and showed that there was a general fall in the price of rice and beans of 4% across the state.

The research is carried out to monitor the impact of State Law 9391/21, which granted exemption from the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) in internal operations with rice and beans, and went into effect on the first day of November last year. . Since then, Procon-RJ agents have monitored these items in 34 establishments in ten municipalities: Rio de Janeiro, Barra do Piraí, Macaé, Mangaratiba, Cabo Frio, Campos dos Goytacazes, Niterói, Nova Iguaçu, Nilópolis and Nova Friburgo. The oil also started to be researched in the last month.

Research Analysis

The prices of rice, beans and oil in the city of Rio de Janeiro fell by an average of 5%. Respectively, 5%, 2% and 8%, in the supermarkets surveyed in the neighborhoods of Barra da Tijuca, Campo Grande, Grajaú, and Vila Isabel. The reduction in the price of oil reached 30% in a supermarket in Barra da Tijuca.

In Niterói, there was an average reduction of 3% in the prices of these products in the supermarkets surveyed, however the reduction represents a drop in the price of rice and oil (7% and 4%, respectively), against a rise of 9% in the price of the beans.

In Barra do Piraí, the oil had a 10% drop in the average price in the supermarkets surveyed and rice had a 4% decrease in the general average, but it was found at a price that was 47% cheaper for the same brand compared to the last survey. . The price of beans was maintained.

In Campos dos Goytacazes, there was an apparent rise in prices due to rice, which was more expensive in most supermarkets investigated. Beans and oil were found with an average reduction of 2% and 7%.

In Baixada, supermarkets in the municipality of Nova Iguaçu kept rice prices stable and reduced the value of beans by an average of 3% and that of oil by 6%. Nilópolis markets, on the other hand, reduced the price of beans by 10%, oil by 4% and rice by 2%. In Macaé, oil can be found on average up to 10% cheaper and rice and beans reduced by only 1%.

The municipality of Nova Friburgo showed an increase in all items and prices increased by an average of 5%. Some brands even reached a 14% increase. In Mangaratiba, prices dropped 2%.

In Cabo Frio, the percentage variation of a product from one brand to another and between establishments was very large, which made prices add an average of only 1% increase. However, consumers could find rice brand prices ranging from 37% cheaper to 68% more expensive. Beans and oil remained stable, with a slight reduction of 7% in one of the markets.

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