Discover all about the supplement that supports muscle function

Discover all about the supplement that supports muscle function
Discover all about the supplement that supports muscle function

You work out for real, in search of the long-awaited defined body – hello, hello, summer project! Great, exercising, whether aerobic or anaerobic, is the way to stay in good shape.

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But to improve conditioning and endurance and still protect bones and joints from possible injuries, it is important to take care of the health and strengthening of muscles.

“The human body works in a dynamic balance, that is, every day it undergoes reactions of muscle synthesis and degradation, and this is a natural process. Specifically during physical activity, the organism undergoes a series of metabolic changes and, between them, catabolism takes place, that is, the degradation of muscle protein into amino acids, a necessary process for the supply of energy in the practice of exercise”, explains Fernanda Leme, nutritionist at the consultancy Equilibrium Saúde e Nutrição.

That is, with each push-up, sit-up or squat, your muscle fibers undergo an expected damage, and it is through recovery that they reconstitute themselves. In this reaction, leucine, an amino acid present in foods that are a source of protein, plays an important role, as it activates protein synthesis, promotes muscle gain and increased strength.

To preserve lean mass

And if the goal is to prevent muscle loss and gain more strength and endurance – who doesn’t want to? The good news is the discovery of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyric acid (HMB), a substance produced by the body, via leucine metabolism, or ingested in source supplements, which performs several functions in the body. “Regarding the reduction of muscle damage, it is observed that HMB alters protein turnover, that is, it changes the balance between protein synthesis and protein degradation. What does this mean? That HMB is able to reduce protein breakdown and, consequently, generate a positive turnover, with greater maintenance of lean mass”, says Fernanda.

Extra dose of HMB

Under normal health conditions, HMB is a metabolite produced by the body, but only 5% of the body’s leucine is converted to HMB (which corresponds to 0.2 to 0.4 grams of HMB per day), which is insufficient to support the muscle function.

This is where supplementation has gained relevance, by offering benefits such as increased protein synthesis and, consequently, muscle hypertrophy, reducing protein degradation in muscles after intense physical exercise, collaborating with their recovery, and increasing strength. and muscle functionality.

According to the nutritionist, the consumption of HMB is indicated for both audiences. “Its role in protecting lean mass helps both those who want to increase their muscle volume and those who seek to preserve lean mass – an important factor especially from the age of 50, when the loss of lean mass is accentuated. In women, with the change resulting from menopause, this difficulty can be even greater. The decrease in the amount of lean mass can lead to sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle volume and strength, and compromise the quality of life.”

For those looking to support muscle function, Vitasay Muscle is a good choice. Thanks to the HMB present in the formulation, the supplement helps to increase muscle strength and endurance and prevent the loss of lean mass and also contributes to the reduction of muscle damage.

The HMB supplement can be consumed by anyone wishing to mitigate protein catabolism. However, its use is mainly indicated for athletes and people who practice physical exercises and seek to improve muscle gain and performance; people with low leucine intake who wish to maintain muscle mass at normal levels and the 50+ public, who seek to inhibit muscle loss, a process that is more pronounced in this age group.


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