Safer driving: 5 tips to put into practice today

Safer driving: 5 tips to put into practice today
Safer driving: 5 tips to put into practice today

According to a survey carried out by World Health Organization (WHO) and for United Nations (UN), in the last two decades, the number of traffic victims in Brazil has been falling gradually. Between 2011 and 2020, this rate was reduced by 30%.

But that was not enough for the country to meet the goal of cutting this type of fatality by 50%. This is because, according to the survey, traffic accidents are among the events that take the most years off people’s lives, in addition to killing 89 Brazilians every day, three every hour.

Thinking of helping to flatten this alarming curve, 33Giga and Bruno Poljokan, CRO of Kovimobility, list five tips for drivers to practice a safer direction.

The startup also developed its own technology for alerts and driver assessments, thinking about the impact of its fleet and the safer direction in the cities where it operates.

Check tips for safer direction

  1. Always pay attention to local signage: Road signs serve as an alert for drivers to avoid accidents and locate themselves. In addition to putting the lives of the driver, passengers and third parties at risk, disobeying signs can generate fines and add points on the driver’s license.
  2. Be careful when passing vehicles: According to the 2021 Yearbook of the Federal Highway Police, more than five thousand people died in 64 thousand car accidents and the frontal collision is the type of accident that killed the most. That’s why it’s essential to pay extra attention when overtaking.
  3. Keep a minimum distance from other vehicles: Ideally, at every 20 km/h of speed, the driver should always keep the distance from one vehicle to the other. That is, if the vehicle is at 80km/h, the distance between the next car must be at least four cars. In the event of a mechanical emergency, there will be enough space and time to reduce speed, brake and swerve, avoiding collisions.
  4. Respect speed limits: Research points to speed as the main cause of accidents resulting in traffic deaths worldwide. In the last 20 years, the increase in speed caused about 33,000 deaths, according to studies carried out by the American agency Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. To avoid even more traffic fatalities, respect the speed limits indicated on the roads.
  5. Adjust all vehicle equipment, such as mirrors, turn signals, seats: The expression drive for yourself and others is already well known in traffic and it’s not for nothing. Regulating the equipment makes the driver’s attention even sharper and he can pay attention to all the movement around him, being able to avoid accidents caused by the recklessness of third parties.

“It is a fact that safer direction promotes the substantial reduction of accident risks. The biggest benefit of following these practices is to avoid seriousness for the driver and third parties, avoiding deaths and physical sequelae. In addition, it is also possible to generate savings for the driver, whether in fuel, preservation of tires and other very common wear items, as well as keeping the vehicle in good general condition, declares the CRO of Kovi.

According to Bruno, one of the most defended practices when it comes to traffic safety is defensive driving.

“Defensive driving is applied considering that most traffic violations are caused by human error, recklessness, malpractice and must be practiced by everyone, regardless of the way other drivers are driving on the streets, avenues and roads, avoiding the reactions so common in the day-to-day life of cities.”

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