Councilor of Pinheiro Machado saves himself in a hit-and-run that killed a man in Piratini

Fabricio Costa suffered injuries. Photo: Disclosure / TP

The councilor of Pinheiro Machado, Fabrício Costa (PSB) was ‘reborn’ last Wednesday night (14). He was involved in the accident in which a vehicle belonging to the Military Brigade of Piratini ended up killing Sílvio Sampaio Rodrigues, aka Sílvio Borracheiro, 78 years old.

The fact is being considered as a fatality and took place in the countryside of Piratini around 8 pm, near the entrance to the city’s Sanitary Landfill.

Fabrício and Silvio were hit, unintentionally, by a vehicle belonging to the Military Brigade, which was on routine patrol. Both were sent to the Emergency Department of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Hospital, but Silvio could not resist.

Silvio Borracheiro was 78 years old. Photo: Disclosure / TP

The driver of the car, according to the blog Eu Falei, was a friend of the victim and was very shaken by the accident. The Civil Police expertise has been called and the case will be investigated.

ESCAPE – The councilor, in conversation with the TP, described what happened. He is still undergoing tests, but fractures have been ruled out. Fabricio’s face is badly bruised, but he’s not in any danger.

The congressman from Pinheirense was campaigning in the region of the accident, because, according to him, it was there that he grew up. One of his car’s tires punctured and that’s when he called Sílvio, because the screws got stuck.

The tire repairman provided assistance and asked Fabrício to go ahead to the city to fix the flat tire, which he would follow soon after.

According to the councilor, this was done, but he was surprised by Silvio’s delay and decided to return. Upon returning, the tire repairman’s car also had problems with one of the tires. At the time of the accident, Fabrício was holding the flashlight of his cell phone, helping Sílvio, when both were picked up by the car. “I am extremely sad, even sleeping is not easy, because He and the tire repairman were on a dark road, when the memories of what happened were picked up by a Military Brigade vehicle. But I recognize that in my case, given the circumstances, it was a miracle from God,” he said.

Fabrício did not have a friendly relationship with the victim, he only called him out on a professional basis.

Silvio’s body, who was a very dear and well-known person in the First Capital Farroupilha, was buried in the late afternoon of this Thursday (15) at the local cemetery.

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