LG’s XBOOM speakers have pre-sale discounts


The news XBOOM speakers are on pre-sale and, to celebrate this, LG Electronics is running a special action that offers interesting discounts for the LG XBOOM Go XG8 and LG XBOOM PartyBox XL9 speakers from this line.

This promotion is valid until April 7th on the brand’s official website. In addition to guaranteeing the latest news with exclusive pre-sale combos, LG customers will also have free shipping throughout Brazil.

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These Bluetooth speakers from LG arrive to reinforce an entire audio line that pleases all sound lovers with good quality and the promotion helps a lot, as the following combos are available:

You buy the new LG XBOOM PartyBox XL9 and with it comes the LG XBOOM Go XG7 for the price of R$ 5,499.00.

The second combo would be when purchasing the LG XBOOM Go XG8 and with it you get the LG 19.5” Monitor which in total costs R$ 1,699.00. All of these combos can be found at the official LG store.


This is a speaker focused on being more portable than other LG models, as its smaller size and with a hybrid strap that adjusts easily, you can take it on trips, workouts, picnics or any other outdoor activity you need. you wish.

This model also has customizable lighting that helps to improve any environment, as there are around 16 million colors that can be configured through the LG XBOOM application, which makes it very easy to use.


A BOOMBOX LG XBOOM Go XG8 It has a powerful audio output of 60W + 60W RMS (Root Mean Square), it also has a woofer track and two very high quality tweeters. The speaker can deliver perfect sounds and excellent power for any occasion.

The speaker is also resistant to water and dust, and has a battery that can last around 15 hours. In other words, with the BOOMBOX LG XBOOM Go XG8 you won’t be left hanging at any point during your parties.


Unlike the other model launched alongside it, the PARTYBOX LG XBOOM XL9 is the ideal speaker for you who want to rock any social event you have in mind. At a pool party, barbecue or children’s party, this speaker is a complete match.

The XL9 model has dual 8” track woofers, two 3” tweeters and also features such as Sound Boost that helps to further improve sound quality, resulting in an expansive and completely balanced sound. No “popping” sound on this model.


This speaker has up to 1000W RMS of output power and thus provides sounds that are more dynamic and immersive for your parties. Despite being larger and ideal for parties, this model is also easy to transport due to its handle and transport wheels.

In addition to high-quality sounds for parties, the XL9 also has an incredible lighting system. The LED pixel display delivers color patterns, equalization visual effects, texts and even custom characters. Not to mention its multicolored rings that are on the tweeters and a 15-hour charge capacity.

It is important to highlight that all this customization can be done through the XBOOM app. That said, the XL9 speaker is resistant to splashes of water and dust. However, this protection is not against salt water and it only has protection against temporary immersion of up to 30 minutes at depths of 15cm and 1m.

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