LEAKED! GTA 6 appears running on PS5 Pro; see now


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Players, buckle up and keep up with the hype: the rumors of GTA 6 being “closely linked” to the PS5 Pro have just gained weight. The game LEAKED running on Sony’s latest console.

The weekend was crucial for the news, which fell like a bomb this Monday (1st). Find out what happened and enjoy it while it’s on air!

GTA 6 running on PS5 Pro

Last night, some insiders shared the gameplay first on specialized forums to ensure that the content was not quickly taken down by Rockstar, which typically takes down any sensitive material related to its products.

Social networks are already starting to spread the news. It’s only a matter of time before everything is wiped off the internet.

Image: YouTube/Techfluencer

The leak was published in the far reaches of the internet with direct link to the PS5 Pro. The console itself, it is worth mentioning, still does not have any public image. The drawings of the device circulating around are “spoken portraits” created with the help of artificial intelligence.

Leaked image with capture warning on PS5 Pro: SEE!

GTA 6 gameplay displays a watermark saying “Captured on PlayStation 5 Pro”. The partnership between Sony and Rockstar is old.

For recall purposes, Red Dead Redemption 2, released in 2018, had its first gameplay captured on a PS4 Pro and publicly displayed with this warning in the official trailers.

Image: Reddit

Watch the video now!

GTA 6 secret sharing is in an embedded link in the form of an iframe. Inside it, URLs of the YouTube It’s from Vimeowhere the video is privately hosted.

As it is a leak with an incalculable degree of sensitivity, we cannot directly post this GTA 6 gameplay running on the PS5 Pro, but you can check out the HOT material AT THIS LINK.

And of course: don’t forget to say what you think below, in the comments section!

Via Rockstar

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