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Botafogo suffered a low in the 17th minute of the first half of the 3-1 victory over Fortaleza, this Sunday, at Castelão. After a collision from above, Rafael fell unconscious, suffered a subsidence in the face and was forced to be replaced, despite resistance. According to the club, the player is doing well and was taken to a hospital to undergo tests due to craniofacial trauma.

The move happened when Rafael and Thiago Galhardo disputed the ball through the air and ended up colliding. The side fell unconscious, in a strong image. The player then woke up, with a visible dip on the face (check out the video below).

Rafael refuses to leave the field after head clash

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Soon after, Rafael received care. The doctor Gustavo Dutra determined that the player could not continue on the field and made the substitution signal. The winger, however, said he didn’t want to be replaced. However, as it was a head clash, he was forced out of the game, giving way to Mezenga.

1 of 3 Fortaleza x Botafogo: Rafael refuses to leave — Photo: Reproduction

Fortaleza x Botafogo: Rafael refuses to leave – Photo: Reproduction

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A minute later, while Rafael was leaving the field through the back line, Eduardo opened the scoring for Botafogo. The side celebrated the goal a lot and was celebrated by his teammates, who went to hug him, in a beautiful scene.

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Botafogo reported that the player suffered a craniofacial trauma, but is doing well and was taken to a hospital for tests. Read the club’s statement:

“Right-back Rafael is well, lucid, oriented and under the supervision of the alvinegro doctor Dr. Gustavo Dutra. Rafael suffered a craniofacial trauma in the first half and was taken by ambulance to the referral hospital, where he will undergo complementary exams. “

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Rafael’s twin brother and alvinegro, the Nantes side Fábio used social media to show support after the scare.

– He is giant like the club, already, he will be back again – wrote Fábio.

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