Vettel complains about sand after 19th on the Dutch grid: “I just lost the car”

Vettel complains about sand after 19th on the Dutch grid: “I just lost the car”
Vettel complains about sand after 19th on the Dutch grid: “I just lost the car”

Sebastian Vettel regretted having suffered from sand in his tires at Zandvoort

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Aston Martin experienced two completely different feelings in its garage this Saturday (3), in Zandvoort, between happiness for Lance Stroll’s tenth place on the starting grid of the Dutch GP and disappointment for Sebastian Vettel’s 19th position in the standings. The four-time world champion said that his last attempt was hampered by a sandier section of the Dutch circuit, which is on the shores of the Black Sea and receives a greater amount of sand than usual in F1.

“I had a little sand on the left tires on my last lap of Q1, at the entrance to Turn 13,” lamented Vettel. “Right now, you’re really focused on the healing zebra on the right — I wasn’t trying anything different — and I just slipped out of line. [de corrida] and lost the car,” he explained.

Vettel highlighted that, as his teammate managed to do, he was confident of a pace that would be enough to take him to the next stage of the standings – and even Q3, when only the top ten define the starting positions on Sunday’s grid.

Close to the beach, Circuit de Zandvoort suffers from sand on the track (Photo: Ferrari)

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“I guess you could say I got caught by the ‘Zand’ of ‘Zandvoort’,” joked Vettel, alluding to the word ‘sand’, which in English means sand. good enough to go into Q2, and I think we would probably make it to Q3 as well.”

However, the sand got in the way of the pilot, who had to settle for the last row. Now, in Vettel’s own opinion, the mission to score at Zandvoort has become considerably more difficult, and only an Aston Martin strategy can help the German seek points in this Sunday’s race.

“It’s a shame, and it makes things more difficult for tomorrow,” admitted Vettel. “Because we’re basically going to start in the last place. Let’s see if we can come up with a smart strategic solution, but it’s probably going to be a long afternoon. [na corrida]”, he sentenced.

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