SDS explains response to STJD


SDS stated that it will guarantee the safety of the duel between Sport and Ceará, however, it stated that it is impossible to guarantee “absolute security”

A Secretariat of Social Defense (SDS) called a press conference to better detail the letter sent to the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD), where it was recommended that Sport x Ceará, in the quarter-finals of the Copa do Nordeste, took place behind closed doors. In the interview, the arrests of the president and vice-president of the organization responsible for the attack on the Fortaleza bus were also revealed.

the term “Absolute security”, caused great confusion, according to the Secretary of Social Defense, Alessandro Carvalho. According to him, it is impossible for any police in the world to guarantee 100% security, whatever the event, because they cannot predict actions.

“Military Police, can you guarantee absolute security? It’s something in capital letters in the text. The STJD can explain what that would be, but I can explain how the PM interpreted it. As long as no incident happens, regardless of the police or location in the world, it is impossible to guarantee that nothing will happen. You can have the best security force, but you can’t guarantee that nothing will happen,” she began.

Official letter presented by SDS – Photo: Pedro Maranhão/NE45

“Even if I put the entire PM force on the streets, 16 thousand men, I cannot guarantee that a man with bad intentions in the middle of the route will not throw some device at a delegation bus. Or that he comes from another state, and that members of organized supporters cannot attack him,” he said.

“These criminals are all over Brazil, not just in the state of Pernambuco. Often with the intention of avenging some aggression that a member of the organization they are part of has suffered in another state. It is not up to SDS, or the PM, to define whether or not the match will be played behind closed doors. It’s up to them to decide,” he added.

Alessandro Carvalho, secretary of social defense, also confirmed the arrest of the president and vice-president of Torcida Jovem do Sport, for their involvement in the attack on the Fortaleza bus. This is Operation Hooligans.

“The arrests took place today, at the Torcida Jovem headquarters. However, we cannot give more details about the arrests, we will only be able to give more details when the investigations are completed, as new arrests may happen,” he said.

Fortaleza bus after attack by Sport organizers after the 2024 Copa do Nordeste game at Arena de Pernambuco
Photo: Disclosure

Sport’s note on the PM’s response to the STJD

Sport Club do Recife was surprised to receive the recommendation from the Pernambuco Military Police (PMPE) that the duel against Ceará, scheduled for next week, take place behind closed doors at the Pernambuco Arena.

The Club understands that the bodies responsible for ensuring the safety of events such as the carnivals in Recife and Olinda, which attract millions of people during the days of revelry, are also able to protect an audience of 30 or 40 thousand people at a football match – as has already occurred on several recent and more distant occasions, such as the 2014 World Cup.

At the same time, Sport reinforces that it also employs hundreds of private agents hired to increase security at the stadium and around the sports square within its jurisdiction, in order to promote a peaceful environment and contribute to public bodies, as , as a sports association, as well as what is established in the Fan Statute, it is up to you in terms of security.

The Club understands that the reason for existing and competing is entirely linked to its fans – the reason for absolutely everything. Therefore, the meaning of the game and the spectacle is lost when entering the field without having her by her side for no apparent or fair reason.

Finally, Sport awaits and trusts in the reversal of Governor Raquel Lyra, so committed to leading the Government of Pernambuco in its most different spheres, regarding this positioning of the corporation.


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