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Shape and design

Chilli, a surfboard factory that was born in Australia, is globalizing and offers board models for all surfing levels.

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Adriano de Souza – Hawaii 2020 – Waves article April 2024/Board Guide.

At Chilli Surfboards, we play a game of details. Whether it’s our exclusive Colan Products carbon fabric, our QR ID codes or our signature line, we only accept to equip our boards with the finest features. At Chilli, we are more than foam and resin – we are unique.

Our carbon fabric was designed in partnership with Colan Products Australia to create the perfect combination of strength and performance. We want to maintain the natural flex of the tail so you can feel the board’s connection to the wave face. To do this, we strategically placed the carbon fiber stripes horizontally until the end of the tail. Mixed with the four-ounce fabric, every inch of carbon fiber yarn has proven to be the perfect protection for our boards.

Welcome to Project Black, Chilli Surfboards’ cutting-edge research and development program. Project Black is a Chilli initiative to put potential new models into the hands of our team to be tested in all conditions. With the best surfers giving the best feedback, we can refine and create a better product for you. A Project Black board can be any shape or design.

Chilli boards – board guide April 2024.

At Chilli, we experiment with concave bottoms, vee bottoms, rockers, outlines, rails and tails, as well as materials such as Innegra S fabric, carbon fiber and foams of different densities. We haven’t released anything that we’re not completely proud of, so the process of bringing a new surfboard model to market is very careful.

We designed our own special new technology fabric, using four-ounce fiberglass and Innegra S cloth to create more strength. Innegra S cloth is a light, white reinforcing fiber that has a natural flexibility (unlike carbon fiber, which stiffens boards). When the board is under enormous pressure, the Innegra S cloth allows it to flex beyond the point where it would normally break or bend, flexing backwards and preventing the board from bending or breaking.

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