Hamilton says 2021 F1 title was ‘stolen’ < In Attack

Hamilton says 2021 F1 title was ‘stolen’ < In Attack
Hamilton says 2021 F1 title was ‘stolen’ < In Attack
Lewis Hamilton, F1 driver
(photo: JOHN THYS)

Driver Lewis Hamilton first used the term “stolen” to refer to the final race of the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Hamilton said it was “obviously” stolen. In an interview with GQ magazine, the Mercedes driver detailed his view on the subject.

“Was I robbed? Obviously. You know the story. But I think what was really beautiful about that moment, what I took away from it, was that my dad was with me. And we went through this huge rollercoaster of life together, with ups and downs. And on the day it hurt the most he was there; and the way he raised me was always to keep me standing tall, my head held high,” Hamilton said.

“I obviously went to congratulate Max, and I didn’t realize the impact that would have, but I was also really aware that, like, there was a ‘mini me’ watching. That was the defining moment of my life. I think it really was. I felt it. I didn’t know how it would be perceived. I hadn’t visualized it, but I was definitely aware: these next 50 meters that I will walk are the ones where I either fall to the ground and die, or I get up,” he said.

The seven-time world champion said he only thinks about the topic when he watches a scene from that race. “But I’m at peace with that,” Hamilton declared.

Since the defeat in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton has never won a race again. It has been 48 GPs since the Brit climbed to the highest podium place in F1, by far the highest of his career – the previous one was ten.

“My fans are very loyal. I couldn’t understand at first: ‘Guys, I’m not winning anything!’. But I realized that it’s not easy to identify with someone who is always finishing first,” she said.

Understand the case

The only remaining candidates for the title, Hamilton and Max Verstappen reached the last race of 2021 tied in points. The Dutchman started in pole position, but the Briton took the lead during the race and was on his way to victory – and the consequent eighth world title.

An accident involving Nicholas Latifi led to the safety car being brought in with six laps to go. Due to possible loss of positions, Hamilton remained on track; Verstappen went to the pits and changed his tires.

Michael Masi, then F1 race director, allowed the restart one lap before the end. The procedure was controversial because there were five late drivers between Hamilton and Verstappen. According to the regulations, the restart after these cars passed should only happen on the following lap – therefore, in that context, the race should end under a yellow flag.

Verstappen overtook Hamilton and won his first world title. Mercedes protested twice to the FIA, but were unable to reverse the result.

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