Wanda Nara announces separation from Mauro Icardi on her Instagram

The two celebrities lived through very troubled moments in their relationship (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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The Argentine actress and model Wanda Nara announced, in her Instagram stories, the separation of the player Mauro Icardi, currently at Galatasaray. The two lived a troubled relationship since the beginning of the union. Wanda is the mother of five children, two of which are the result of her relationship with Icardi. The other three, all boys, are from his former marriage to Icardi’s former teammate Maxi López.

In her stories, she criticized the pressure suffered by the rumors of separation and preferred to announce, once and for all, the separation.

– It is very painful to live this moment. However, given my exposure and the media speculations that are transcending it, I prefer that they know for myself. I have nothing more to say and I won’t give any details about this separation. Please, I ask everyone to understand. Not only for me, but for our children – wrote Wanda.


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Their relationship has always appeared on the covers of print and online newspapers. The beginning of the relationship is considered one of the best-known cases of betrayal in the sports world.

Wanda was married to Maxi López, a former Vasco and Grêmio player, and Icardi’s teammate at the time. However, amid problems in the couple’s relationship, Wanda got involved with the striker.

Maxi and Wanda’s relationship officially ended in 2013. Icardi and the model, therefore, got married in May 2014. The case went around the world and continued to yield new stories.

Last year, Wanda stopped following Icardi and hinted that the relationship was over. In October, she vented on social media about an alleged betrayal committed by the striker. She then forgave him, but a short time later, she came back and ended the relationship.

To win her back, Mauro filled his social networks with photos with his wife. A short time later, they returned again. It was, in fact, a relationship marked by the spotlight.

In March of this year, it was Wanda’s turn to suffer from the accusations. She was accused by the Argentine program ‘A la tarde’ of cheating on the player with Agustín Longueira, a security guard for the couple. However, the model denied the rumors.

Now, Wanda Nara has announced, once again, the separation. Currently, she is the player’s manager, something that could change with the official separation.

Mauro Icardi lives in Turkey, defending the colors of Galatasaray. He is on loan from Paris Saint-Germain, a French team led by the trio formed by Messi, Neymar and Mbappé.

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