Lula’s son speaks out against accusations of violence and says statements are “fanciful”

Lula’s son speaks out against accusations of violence and says statements are “fanciful”
Lula’s son speaks out against accusations of violence and says statements are “fanciful”

Luís Cláudio Lula da Silvayoungest son of the president Lularesponded, through its team of lawyers, to accusations of physical, psychological and moral violence made by Natalia Schincariol, with whom he had a stable union. In the document, Luís denies any crime reported in this Tuesday’s Police Report (2) and says that the statements are “fantasy”.

Luís Cláudio Lula da Silva is 39 years old

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“We are aware of the fanciful statements that would have been made by the doctor, attributing untrue and fanciful attacks to our client, whose lies fall within the types of crimes of slander, insult and defamation, in addition to responding for compensation for moral damages, reasons for which they will be the relevant legal measures have been taken”justifies the statement.

Complaint against Lula’s son

Doctor Natália Schincariol filed, virtually, at the Women’s Police Station in São Pauloa Police Report detailing the physical, psychological and moral violence suffered for years in her relationship with Luís Cláudio.

She explained that she missed work for a month as a result of trauma caused by the attacks. Natália also said that she was hospitalized with anxiety attacks. According to the doctor, at the beginning of the year, she was elbowed in the stomach after refusing to hand over her cell phone to her partner. In addition to physically attacking her, he constantly cursed her, using terms such as “tramp” It is “brain sick”.

The document also explains that, during the two years they lived together, Lula’s son would come home drunk and try to enter Natália’s room. “anyway”, even when she didn’t want to. In this context, she also revealed that he had a relationship “no protection” with other women. “He contracted an infection and knowingly put me at risk”he stated.

With all this, Luís still coerced her not to press charges, since he is the president’s son and would escape the accusations. “My father will protect me and he will lose, I will destroy your soul. I will tell everyone that you are insane, no one will believe you”said the man, according to Natália.

**If you or someone you know is suffering or shows signs of any type of violence, call the Women’s Police Station immediately, via the website or by dialing 180. Always report it. Do not be silent.

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