See who the 10 billionaires in the world are, according to Forbes


Forbes has updated the list of the 10 most billionaires in the world. The ranking has some changes and the American Elon Musk, in January, lost the title of richest on the planet. The top 1 is now occupied by French luxury goods entrepreneur Bernard Arnault.

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According to Forbes, Musk lost his title as his electric car maker’s shares fell and a judge in Delaware voided his $51 billion compensation package. He now ranks third with a fortune approaching US$200 billion.

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Bernard Arnault, who comes in first place, had a good month and added US$19 billion to his net worth. In Musk’s case, the net worth increased to $27 billion.

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According to the magazine, together, the rich are worth a total of US$1.56 trillion and they all increased their wealth compared to the previous month.

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1. Bernard Arnault (Photo: Forbes, Disclosure)

2. Jeff Bezos (Photo: Canaltech, Reproduction)

3. Elon Musk (Photo: Bloomberg, Disclosure)

4. Mark Zuckerberg (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

5. Larry Ellison (Photo: Forbes, reproduction)

6. Warren Buffett (Photo: Disclosure)

7. Bill Gates (Photo: Gates Foundation, Reproduction)

8. Larry Page (Photo: Disclosure)

9. Steve Ballmer (Photo: Ballmer Group)

10. Mukesh Ambani (Photo: Forbes, Reproduction)

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1. Bernard Arnault and family
Net worth: US$226.6 billion
Source of Wealth: LVMH Age: 74
Citizenship: France

2. Jeff Bezos
Net worth: US$198.4 billion
Source of Wealth: Amazon
Age: 59
Citizenship: USA

3. Elon Musk
Net worth: US$195.3 billion
Source of Wealth: Tesla, SpaceX, X
Age: 52
Citizenship: USA

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4. Mark Zuckerberg
Net worth: US$170.3 billion
Source of Wealth: Facebook
Age: 39
Citizenship: USA

5. Larry Ellison
Net worth: US$155.2 billion
Source of Wealth: Oracle
Age: 79
Citizenship: USA

6. Warren Buffett
Net worth: US$138.6 billion
Source of Wealth: Berkshire Hathaway
Age: 93
Citizenship: USA

7. Bill Gates
Net worth: US$131.3 billion
Source of Wealth: Microsoft
Age: 68
Citizenship: USA

8. Larry Page
Net worth: $126 billion
Source of Wealth: Google
Age: 50
Citizenship: USA

9. Steve Ballmer
Net worth: $124.5 billion
Source of Wealth: Microsoft
Age: 67
Citizenship: USA

10. Mukesh Ambani
Net worth: $117.8 billion
Source of Wealth: Reliance Industries
Age: 66
Citizenship: India

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