Finland: student shoots classmates and kills at least 1 – 04/02/2024 – World

Finland: student shoots classmates and kills at least 1 – 04/02/2024 – World
Finland: student shoots classmates and kills at least 1 – 04/02/2024 – World

Three 12-year-old children were shot, and at least one died at a school in Finland this Tuesday (2) after a student shot his classmates. The suspect, also 12 years old, was detained, police said.

The victims were taken to hospital, a police spokesman told Reuters. No further details were available immediately after the episode.

The shooting took place at the Viertola school in Vantaa, a suburb of the capital Helsinki, which has around 800 students from first to ninth grades and a teaching staff of 90 people, according to the local city hall.

“The immediate danger is over,” the school’s principal, Sari Laasila, told Reuters, declining to comment further on the incident.

“The day started in a horrible way. There was a shooting incident at the Viertola school in Vantaa. I can only imagine the pain and worry that many families are feeling at the moment. The suspect has been captured,” said Interior Minister Mari Rantanen, at X.

Previous school shootings in Finland have brought Finland’s gun policy into focus.

In 2007, Pekka-Eric Auvinen shot and killed six students, the school nurse, the principal and himself using a firearm at Jokela secondary school near Helsinki.

A year later, in 2008, Matti Saari, another student, opened fire at a vocational school in Kauhajoki, located in the northwest of the country. He killed nine students and a staff member before committing suicide.

Finland tightened its legislation in 2010, introducing an aptitude test for all firearms license applicants. The minimum age for applicants was also changed from 18 to 20 years old.

There are more than 1.5 million licensed firearms and around 430,000 license holders in the country of 5.6 million people, where hunting and target shooting are popular activities.

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