Argentina and Colombia seek reconciliation after Milei’s attack on Petro

Argentina and Colombia seek reconciliation after Milei’s attack on Petro
Argentina and Colombia seek reconciliation after Milei’s attack on Petro

A Argentina and the Colombia issued a joint statement on the evening of Sunday 31st, announcing that they had taken “concrete measures” to restore diplomatic ties that had been strained in recent days. The initiative comes after the Argentine president, Javier Mileicall your Colombian counterpart, Gustavo Petroin “murderous terrorist”in reference to his past as a guerrilla fighter.

“The respective governments have taken concrete steps to overcome any differences and strengthen this relationship,” said the joint statement from the foreign ministries of the two nations.

According to the text, these measures will include the return of the respective ambassadors of both countries to their posts, as Bogotá, last week, expelled all Argentine diplomats from Colombia in response to Milei’s comments.

Hard words

In excerpts from an interview with American broadcaster CNN, which aired last Wednesday 27th, ultra-rightist Javier Milei described Gustavo Petro as a “terrorist murderer”. The Argentine president was referring to the past of Colombia’s first leftist head of state, a former member of the long-demobilized M-19 guerrilla group.

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“You can’t expect much from someone who was a terrorist murderer,” he said.

In a statement released afterwards, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs repudiated the Argentine president’s statements and stated that he “offends the dignity” of Petro.

+ Milei calls Petro a ‘terrorist’ and Colombia expels Argentine diplomats

Previously historically stable, relations between Colombia and Argentina have deteriorated since Milei assumed the presidency in December. In January, Bogotá had already recalled its ambassador to Buenos Aires, after similar comments made by the Argentine leader – the Argentine said that the Colombian was a “murderous communist” and declared that he was “sinking” the country he governs.

Regional tensions

Milei also attacked other Latin American leaders during the interview, including Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador, better known as AMLO – whom he called “ignorant”. A left-wing populist, AMLO had previously criticized the Argentine’s ultraliberal policies and compared him to a dictator, and last Thursday he posted on social media asking himself why Argentines “voted for someone who is not right, who despises the people.”

+ Milei completes 100 days in government with completely polarized approval

Furthermore, last week, Argentina’s government accused Venezuela of cutting off electricity to its embassy in Caracas, after the diplomatic mission organized a meeting with the country’s opposition leaders. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has launched attacks on Milei since his electoral victory in November last year, claiming that the “neo-Nazi far right” had gained power in the South American country.

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