New X-Men ’97 hero is key to reconnecting Marvel in cinema


X_Men ’97 introduced a new hero who could end up being the key to reconnecting the Marvel Universe on film.

We are talking, of course, about SunspotRoberto, the Brazilian mutant who has been shining in X-Men ’97 and promises to gain more and more prominence. And the good approval of the drawing, combined with the team that Sunspot is most associated with in the comics, The New Mutants, could end up becoming an important lesson for Marvel. Check out ScreenRant’s theory:

Why Sunspot and The New Mutants Would Be Great in the MCU

Sunspot is a founding member of the New Mutants, a team created in the 1980s by Marvel to represent the teenage mutant contingent of the X-Mansion. However, they evolved beyond a secondary, and members of the New Mutants ended up as part from different Marvel core groups, more than the original X-Men themselves. Since their arrival, the New Mutants characters have expanded into different spheres of Marvel, including Asgard, teaming up with cosmic heroes, and, of course, the Avengers themselves.

But these different parts of Marvel are currently a bit disconnected in the MCU, especially considering that the Multiverse Saga is already more than halfway through. In addition to the rumors of the debut of several X-Men in the film Deadpool & Wolverine, the arrival of the mutants and how they will interact with the Avengers other core parts of the MCU is still a big mystery.

But Sunspot and the New Mutants represent a way in which Marvel can begin to unite these different core groups, while also presenting some of comics’ most classic and fascinating stories.

Why the MCU needs to bring the elements of its universe back together

Not since Avengers leaders Tony Stark and Steve Rogers left after the Infinity Saga has the MCU been so disconnected. While the looming threat of superhero fatigue threatens to keep audiences from wanting to keep up to date with each MCU story, a satisfying cohesion is necessary to ensure fans’ investment in what Marvel has been trying to build.

In the absence of the Avengers, the MCU appears to be exploring other teams, such as the Thunderbolts, whose film will be released in 2025. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel has also begun to assemble the Young Avengers. This is a positive sign for an MCU that risks losing even more interest from its audience.

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X-Men ’97 promises to be the continuation of the famous 1992 animated series. Now, the series will be a Marvel Studios production, and will have much of its cast from the original American dubbing back.

The lineup of the new X-Men ’97 team includes Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Jubilee and Cyclops, all led by Magneto.

Nightcrawler, Cable, Bishop, Morfo, Forge and Sunspot are also present. The team of villains includes Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost (White Queen), Callisto, Valerie Cooper, and Mr. Sinister. The series is already on display on Disney+!

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